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109th Congress, 2nd Session
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November 13, 2006
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Offices and Services
In addition to the Clerk's Main Office, located in H154 of the U.S. Capitol, there are nine offices that fall under the Clerk's jurisdiction.

Capitol Service Groups
The Capitol Service Groups provide support services to the maintenance of the Republican and Democratic Cloakrooms, the Lindy Claiborne Boggs Congressional Women’s Reading Room, the Members and Family Committee Room, and the Capitol Prayer Room.

House Page Program
Pages are high school students who serve as support staff for the U.S. House of Representatives, either for a full school year or for one of two summer sessions.

Legislative Computer Systems (LCS)
This office provides technical support for offices under the Clerk and maintains the electronic voting system on the House Floor.

Legislative Resource Center (LRC)
The Legislative Resource Center (LRC) provides information services to the House and the public through its four divisions: Public Information (House documents, public access to statutory filings, legislative information), Records and Registration (point of entry for statutory filings), Library Services (research and reference of the House Library), and Historical Services (House history, archival and curatorial services).

Office of History and Preservation (OHP)
This office collects, preserves, and interprets the heritage of the House. It provides a variety of services concerning historical publications, the House Collection, and the records of the House. Historical publications include maintaining the House entries of the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress along with other publications mandated by the House. OHP curates the House Collection, activities which include acquisition and care of collection objects, processing of artifact loans, and services to Members and staff. This office also processes the records of the House, oversees their eventual safe transfer to the National Archives, and provides advice to Committee staff and Member office staff on records management.


Office of House Employment Counsel (OHEC)
This office provides advice about employment practices and acts as legal representation for all employing authorities in the House.

Office of Legislative Operations
This office coordinates the services of the Bill and Enrolling Clerks, the Journal Clerks, the Tally Clerks, the Daily Digests, and the Floor Action Reporting.

Office of Publication Services (OPS)
This office processes official print orders, such as those for letterhead and envelopes, for the House and produces official House publications, including the Official List of Members, the Capitol Directory Card, and the House Telephone Directory. This office also develops and maintains the Clerk’s official Web site and the Kids in the House Web site.

Official Reporters
This office transcribes House proceedings verbatim for publication in the Congressional Record and provides stenographic support to committees for all hearings, meetings, and mark-up sessions.


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Contact Your Representative
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Identify and contact your Representative using the Write Your Representative feature on the House Web site.


House Floor Proceedings

(House Floor Proceedings Icon and Link)Use the drop down menu to view Floor proceedings for the last 7 legislative days.



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