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U.S. Flag and Missouri State Flag Kit Bond, Sixth Generation Missourian
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Updated - July 26, 2004

The Latest on Highway Reauthorization

•July 26 - Senate Passes Transportation bill extension.

•May 25 - Bond thanks Missouri labor and business groups and elected officials for their help in getting the highway bill moving.

•May 19 - Democrats give up highway bill fillibuster.

•May 14 - Bond and MO groups join united front in fight for jobs and highway safety.

•May 6 - Bond tells Senate Democrats: Stop Blocking Transportation Bill.

•April 30 - Bond announces latest efforts to pass highway bill.

•April 29 - Frist, Reid agree to hold vote next week on moving transportation bill forward.

•April 29 - Bond places hold ontransportation bill extension.

•February 12 - Bond, MO groups form united front in fight for jobs and highway safety.

•February 10 - federal highway bill is on the Senate floor - Bond says nation needs bill now.

•November 12 - committee passes new federal highway bill.

•October 24 - agreement reached on highway bill.

•June 11 - Bond speaks at National Chamber Foundation's transportation conference.

•May 27 - Bond welcomes colleagues to 'TEA Party'.

•May 22 - Senator Bond joins coalition to make highway travel safer.

•April 7 - Bond briefs local leaders on status of federal highway bill.

•March 21 - Senate adopts Bond amendment to boost federal highway spending

•January 31 - Bond briefs local leaders on his new role as key author of the federal highway bill.

•December 4 - Bond begins highway reauthorization by meeting with state and local Missouri leaders.

•November 15 - Bond joins Inhofe in drafting federal highway bill as new subcommittee chair.

•Information from the Department of Transportation on the reauthorization bill.

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