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Scott Visits with GA Troops in Iraq

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Washington, May 26 - Today, Congressman David Scott, co-chair of the Democratic Study Group on National Security, issued the following statement honoring America's veterans.

As we begin to go into this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day, it is most fitting that we take a moment to say a word about our soldiers, those who have fallen, who have given their lives in battle for the protection of this country and the enhancement of freedom around the world.  And so it is with great pleasure and honor that I start this recognition off recognizing the great courage and work of our soldiers.

From the Revolutionary War, as we recall, many soldiers who gave their lives to start the foundation of this country, many of those soldiers whose portraits hang in this great Capitol, several of those soldiers who walked with bloody feet through Valley Forge through the winter because we could not get them the proper boots to wear.  But they went on and they fought against the odds and brought freedom and started this country; to the War of 1812; all the way through the Civil War, where brother fought against brother; the greatest contests in war that proved the metal of this country, up through the Spanish American War and World War I and World War II. From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, our soldiers have been there for us.  The Korean War and on down through the Vietnam War, maybe not popular, but the soldiers went where they were called and performed admirably; through Desert Storm and now in the sandy storms of Iraq.

Mr. Speaker, I was just in Iraq in January, and one of the most memorable experiences I had during that trip was I was able to meet with our soldiers.  And there was one soldier that, as I was in Camp Victory in Baghdad, who grabbed me and was hugging me so hard.  Tears were coming down his eyes, tears coming down mine. And he said some words to me I will never forget.  He said, Congressman Scott, when I am hugging you, it is like I am hugging a piece of home.

I never will forget that.  And 3 weeks ago, that soldier was killed. And so, oftentimes, we go about our business, and oftentimes, we take our freedoms for granted.  But that is why we have Memorial Day, to say to those who have given their lives for this country, for our freedom domestic, thank you.  Because there is no greater love than the one that would give his life for another.  To all the men and women in uniform, to all who have served this country, we say thank you on this, the beginning of the celebration of Memorial Day.

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