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Congressman Scott: How Safe Are We 5 Years After 9/11
Sep 6, 2006  -   Thank you very much. It is good to be here with you and my good friend, Congressman Van Hollen, always a pleasure, and I commend both of you on your expert comments and thought-provoking comments here today. Accountability is the issue that we just left trippingly off our tongues. Account... More

Congressman Scott's Floor Speech Supporting the Democrat Plan For a Way Forward in Iraq
Jun 8, 2006  - Today U.S. Congressman David Scott (GA-13) delivered the following speech on the House  floor to voice his support of the Democrat plan for a way forward in Iraq. Thank you so much and to my good friend, Mr. Israel. What a pleasure it is to serve, the three of us, as co-chairs of our ... More

May 26, 2006  - Today, Congressman David Scott, co-chair of the Democratic Study Group on National Security, issued the following statement honoring America's veterans.As we begin to go into this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day, it is most fitting that we take a moment to say a word about our soldiers, those who ... More

Congressman Scott Visits Georgia Soldiers in Iraq
Jan 13, 2006  - Today Congressman David Scott (D-GA) met with U.S. troops stationed at Camp Victory in Iraq and praised soldiers for their extraordinary valor and noble service. “I cannot describe how proud I am of the fine job that our brave young soldiers are doing in Iraq,” said Congressman Scott. “Our troop... More

Congressman Scott Travels to Iraq
Jan 8, 2006  - Earlier this evening Congressman David Scott (D-GA) departed for Iraq to visit with American troops, meet with military leaders and newly-elected Iraqi government officials, and travel to other countries in the Middle East. “By being in Iraq in person and on the ground with our troops, our gener... More

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