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Upholding the Constitution

The principle of checks and balances that remains the foundation of the U.S. Constitution is increasingly undermined by unelected judges who are appointed for life and accountable to no other branch of government.

I am working hard in the U.S House of Representatives to ensure that judges do not legislate from the bench, but rather enforce the Constitution and laws as they were written, according to their original intent.

Protecting a Fair Legal System

Individuals who have been wrongly injured deserve their day in court. The American legal system should protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Yet, frivolous lawsuits continue to over–burden our courts and suppress our economy. If we don’t act to relieve the weight on the court system of outrageous lawsuits and streamline the process to positively affect the rightful suits, our judicial system and economy will crumble.

Federal Marriage Amendment

Same–sex marriage is such a fundamental change to the historical understanding and building blocks of our society that we must seek national clarity on the issue through a Constitutional amendment. The Constitutional amendment process will demand the national conversation necessary to capture the national clarity that every individual and every family must gain.

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