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Do you support raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour?





El Trabajo en America: Dar mas y recibir menos?

Every day, from farmers to small business owners and nurses to computer programmers, 150 million Americans across the nation go to work to provide for their families. They are the economic engine of our country, creating and selling hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods and services. But the Administration’s attacks on working families has forced 5 million middle class Americans into poverty over the last three years, and put the economic strength of our country in jeopardy. Since the start of the Bush Administration, 1 million private sector jobs have been lost. Long-term unemployment is at a ten year high. Wages can’t keep up with increasing inflation, interest rates, education or healthcare costs. And 6 million workers have lost their right to earn overtime pay.
House Democrats are fighting to reverse policies that favor wealthy corporate interests at the expense of America’s workers and economic security. We want to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs and cut taxes for small businesses and domestic manufacturers that create jobs here at home. Our plans will ease the economic squeeze on middle-class families.


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2.9 million

2.9 million manufacturing jobs have been lost since the beginning of the Bush Administration. (National Economic Council)

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Democrats are fighting back. House Democrats voted unanimously against the Bush Budget. We believe working families take priority over the special interests, and we know that the only acceptable leadership in Washington is honest leadership. See what House Democrats have to say on the Bush Budget:


Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on the Bush Budget
Rep. John Spratt on the Bush Budget

Rep. George Miller on Budget Cuts to Education
The Blue Dog Coalition on Deficits, Debt and Dishonesty
Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Cuts to Rural Communities


Watch: Rep. Tanner Puts the Deficit in Perspective


Democrats have a better way. Our nation needs a budget that is fiscally responsible, honors middle class values, and gives compassion to those in need and in poverty. Together, America can do better than out-of-control deficits and misplaced priorities.

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Jim Amaral,
Dueño de un Pequeño Negocio,
Alna, Maine
Un dueño de un pequeño negocio y patrono consciente, Jim, lucha por proveerle un buen plan medico para sus empleados, sin embargo los costos lo están llevando a una posición muy difícil.
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