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Obey: President’s Record on Homeland Security Funding
I think it comes with considerable ill grace and with considerable reinventing of history for the president to suggest that there is any difference of opinion between the two parties with respect to our dedication to protecting the homeland.

GOP Set to Break Pledge on Domestic Spending, But Not Until After the Election
House Republicans have decided to go home and campaign, after punting inevitable funding cuts to popular programs until after the November election.

After Homeland Security P.R. Push, Republicans Play Games with Actual Security Funding
For the last two weeks Republicans have put us through one feel good security vote after another. Now we have something real we can do on homeland security and they’re playing games.

Obey Statement on the Defense Appropriations Bill, Continuing Resolution
We will, when the House leaves this week, have passed only two appropriations bills, the Defense bill and the Homeland Security bill. There will be no accountability for thousands of decisions made in the domestic budget because all of those final decisions have been postponed until after the election, when you can then bring bills up for a vote without having any political consequence.

Obey Statement: National Intelligence Estimate
The intelligence estimate is nothing less than a declaration by the President’s own lieutenants that the emperor has no clothes. Far from making America more secure, the President’s policies in Iraq are making us more vulnerable and more at risk. We cannot afford to continue policies that strengthen and enlarge our enemy rather than depleting them.

Capitol Visitor Center: Another Price Increase, Another Delayed Opening
Congress and the Architect of the Capitol have earned the “Golden Drain Award” for their work pouring taxpayer dollars down the drain with the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC). According to GAO, costs for the Center, initially estimated at $95 million, have jumped to close to $600 million and the facility that was supposed to be, at least partially, open to the public in time for the 2005 inauguration, will be lucky to open its doors before 2008.