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9/28/06: Rep. Scott, Georgia Association of Educators members

9/14/06: Rep. Scott, Douglas County Chamber of Commerce

07/17/06: Congressman Scott & Myrna White, Public Affairs Director of Atlanta's Airport

6/29/06: Congressman Scott greets Ed Collins, Pres. of Lockheed Georgia Employees Credit Union

06/28/06: Congressman Scott Welcomes 13th District Student Dean Beresford

6/8/06: Congressman Scott meets with members of the Georgia Cable Television Association

5/24/06: Congressman Scott test drives a hybrid Honda vehicle

5/24/06: Congressman Scott views a hybrid Honda vehicle up close

5/17/06: Congressman Scott welcomes DeKalb constituents

05/04/06: Congressman Scott welcomes Camp Sunshine students at the U.S. Capitol

4/26/06: Scott Joins National Pres., Congressional Members of Alpha Phi Alpha

4/26/06: Scott Joins National Pres., Congressional Members of Alpha Phi Alpha

3/06: Rep. Scott meets the GA TRIO Delegation

10/7/05: Scott Congratulates Riverdale HS Students

3/14/06: Scott Meets with Powder Springs Mayor & Councilmembers

3/14/06: Scott Meets with Powder Springs Mayor Patricia Vaughn

3/06: Congressman Scott & Clayton Commission Chairman

3/06: Congressman Scott meets with Clayton Commission Chairman

2/06: Congressman Scott & DeKalb DA Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming

1/30/06: Congressman & Mrs. Scott join Congressman & Mrs. Kendrick Meek

1/30/06: Mrs. Alfredia Scott takes oath for Co-Chair of the CBC Spouses

12/2005: Rev. & Mrs. Harris of Dixon Grove in Jonesboro

1/26/05: Representatives from Walton County

2/1/05-2: Rockdale County Representatives

2/1/05-1: Rockdale County Representatives

2/8/05 AFGE Local 987

3/2/05- 1: GA Credit Union Affiliates

3/2/05-2: GA Members of the NTEU

3/3/05- 1:

3/8/2005- 1: Members of the Gwinnett Co. Chamber of Commerce

3/8/2005-2: DeKalb Co. Commissioner Hank Johnson

3/8/2005- 3: Clayton Co. Chairman Eldrin Bell

3/8/2005- 4: Dr. Walter Massey

3/8/2005- 5: Members of the CWA

3/8/2005- 6: GA Association for career and Technical Education

3/10/2005- 1: Newton High School Close Up

3/15/05- 1: Riverdale Councilman Kenny Ruffin

3/15/05- 2: Conyers Councilman Martin Jones

3/15/05- 3: GA TRIO Representatives

3/15/05- 4: Representatives From Powder Springs

4/14/05: Representatives from the GA Cattlemen's Association

4/20/05- 1: Representatives of the GA Mortgage Bankers Assoc.

4/20/05- 2: Representatives from the GA Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Congressman Scott with Governor Sonny Perdue - May 24, 2005

Congressman Scott with Representatives of the National Board of Certified Teachers - July 21, 2005

Congressman and Mrs. Scott congratulate Ms. Karyn Greer - September 29, 2005

12-7-05: Congressman Scott Meets with 100 Black Men of Atlanta Leaders

12-7-05: Congressman Scott Meets with 100 Black Men of Atlanta Leaders

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