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 107th Congress Reports:

Report of the Joint Economic Committee on the 2002 Economic Report of the President - Vice Chairman's Statement
December 2002

Monthly Economic Memorandum - Poverty
September 2002

Poverty Rates Rise While Incomes Fall For Low- and Middle-Income Families
September 24, 2002

Rethinking the 2001 Tax Cut One Year Later
August, 13 2002

Monthly Economic Memorandum - The Unemployment Rate
July 2002

Medicaid Estate Recovery: The Other Estate Tax
June 2002

Repealing the Estate Tax Will Not Promote Economic Growth
June 12, 2002

Monthly Economic Memorandum - Labor Productivity and Economic Growth
June 2002

Slamming Shut the Doors to College
May 2, 2002
A Risky Investment Strategy: Recent Trends in Federal Financial Aid Policy Do Not Meet the Needs of Low-Income Students - A Joint Economic Committee Democratic Staff Report

The State Budget Crisis and Higher Education - A Congressional Report Prepared by the Democratic Staffs of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Senate Subcommittee on Education Appropriations; House Committte on Education and the Workforce; and the House Committee on Appropriations

A Tale of Two Tax Cuts
April 15, 2002

Drilling in ANWR: The Economic Costs and Benefits
March 14, 2002

Health Insurance Tax Credits: The Wrong Prescription for the Uninsured
February 13, 2002

Report of the Joint Economic Committee on the 2001 Economic Report of the President - Vice Chairman's Views and Democratic Staff Reports
December 2001

Effective Economic Stimulus:  How Do Congressional Proposals Measure Up?
December 11, 2001

Economic Stimulus: Principles and Options
October 17, 2001

Background Material on the Potential Economic Impacts of the Terrorist Attacks
October 5, 2001

Assessing Losses for theAirline Industry and Its Workers in the Aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks
October 3, 2001

Highlights from the 2000 Income and Poverty Estimates Released by Census Bureau
September 25, 2001

A Return to Deficits? An Analysis of the Bush Administration's Mid-Session Review and the CBO Update to the Economic and Budget Outlook
September 7, 2001

Myths About Medical Savings Accounts: Rhetoric versus Reality
June 22, 2001

What Do Families Really Get from the Tax Cut?
June 18, 2001

Myths About the Estate Tax: Rhetoric versus Reality
May 17, 2001

Who Faces the Highest Marginal Tax Rates?
May 8, 2001