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109th Congress, 2nd Session
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November 13, 2006
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Congressional History
Historical Information

To obtain profile, membership, leadership, and legislative information for the 1st–108th Congresses, select from the Congress Overview list. To view Roll Call votes only, select a Congress from the Roll Call Votes Only list. Roll Call votes are available for the 101st Congress, 2nd Session to the 108th Congress, 2nd Session.

Congress Overview

  Roll Call Votes Only

Tables of Historical Information

The following tables contain information on the subjects listed, from the 1st Congress through the present Congress.

Congressional Profiles
Party Divisions
Congressional Apportionment
Number of Representatives each state has been apportioned since the first Census in 1790.
State Representation
Total number of Representatives and Senators that have served each state since the 1st Congress.

Leadership & Officers (1789–Present)
Speakers of the House
Majority & Minority Leaders
Democratic Whips
Republican Whips
Democratic Caucus Chairmen
Republican Conference Chairmen
Clerks of the House
Chaplains of the House
Chief Administrative Officers of the House
Doorkeepers of the House
Parliamentarians of the House
Postmasters of the House
Sergeants at Arms

Historic Legislation & Events
Session Dates of Congress
Saturday and Sunday Legislative Days of Congress
Presidents & Vice Presidents and Coinciding Congressional Sessions
Joint Meetings, Joint Sessions, and Inaugurations
Presidential Vetoes
Congressional Gold Medal Recipients


Splendid Hall Exhibit
  (Splendid Hall Icon and Link) Splendid Hall
Take a virtual tour of Splendid Hall and discover the architectural treasures and historical artifacts of the Old House Chamber.


Kids in the House
  (Kids in the House) Kids in the House
Learn about the Clerk, the Capitol, and Congress.


Visiting the Capitol
  (Visiting the Capitol Icon and Link)Visit the Capitol
Tour information and maps of the Capitol complex.



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