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“ Our children’s education is not only the key to their personal success, but also to the success of our country’s economic growth. ”

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Building a high quality education system today is the key to ensuring a strong future for America. Democrats believe that recruiting and retaining good teachers, modernizing classrooms, and fully funding special education programs are vital to fulfilling a national commitment to education.

The Bush Administration has said, “Education reform costs money, and this Administration is willing to spend it.”  But the truth is that for the last three years, the Republicans have been unwilling to fulfill their own education bill, shortchanging by billions of dollars the critical programs students need.

Underfunding education amounts to a tax hike for working families.  Local communities have been forced to raise taxes to help pay for textbooks, pay teachers, and keep school doors open.  Because Republicans have failed to make education funding a priority, more than 2 million children will be denied help with the basics of reading and math this year and more than one million children will not have access to after-school programs. 

The Bush Administration does not lead on education, and their budget tells the story of promises made, but not kept.

The Bush Administration’s budget:

  • Undermines the 40-year success of Head Start, providing funding levels that could drive thousands of children out of the program.
  • Doesn’t invest in technology—the leaders of tomorrow need access to the latest, most up-to-date technology to compete in the modern world.
  • Fails to invest in after-school programs.
  • Seriously undermines math and reading assistance programs, underfunding important programs in all 50 states.

The Bush Administration promised states adequate math and reading funding for disadvantaged children…but their budget exposes the truth.

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“ Democrats are united in presenting a New Direction for America, one that will make our nation as strong as its people, one that brings opportunity, security, and prosperity to all Americans. ”

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