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Republicans in Congress will continue to stand firm to oppose the faceless enemy that now confronts our country. Wearing no uniform and answering to no authority, these enemies cowardly threaten innocent Americans as they launch an attack on our way of life.

Securing funding for our nation's security helps to ensure that our front lines of defense have the very best resources at their disposal. Every penny spent on protection at home provides a dollar's worth of security against terrorists around the globe. Likewise, every penny spent on our armed forces allows our military to find them and destroy them before they are ever again able to affect the lives of Americans as they did on 9-11.

We must also be vigilant and take the fight directly to these terrorists. Their brand of attack, using the death of innocents in order to force others to give in to their outrageous demands cannot be tolerated. | Deborah Pryce, Chairman | Republican Conference, U.S. House of Representatives.
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