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Young Announces U.S. Coast Guard Rescue 21 System commencement at Sector St. Petersburg

October 26, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today announced the formal commencement of the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue 21 command, control and communication system at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg.  The Rescue 21 system replaces the current 30-year-old communications system with the latest direction-finding technology to assist in determining radio transmission locations and enhance Coast Guard and law enforcement ability to reach boaters in distress along Florida's Gulf coast.

"The Coast Guard plays a vital role in homeland security and also in protecting our Pinellas residents who enjoy personal and commercial boating activities.  This new system is an asset to our community and our county and will undoubtedly save many lives," Young said.   

Young Welcomes Home Members of Florida National Guard

October 21, 2006 -- Together with Governor Jeb Bush and Florida National Guard Adjutant General Doug Burnett, Representative C.W. Bill Young today welcomed home members of the Florida National Guard recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.  "Today we honor the heroes who have volunteered to serve.  We remain free today because of their bravery," Young said.

Young Announces New Disaster Response Unit in Pinellas Park

October 20, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today announced a new Florida National Guard Disaster Response Unit to be based at the C.W. Bill Young Guard and Reserve Center in Pinellas Park.  Young, Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, secured funding for the 22-person unit charged with responding to terrorist attacks, environmental disasters and other chemical or biological incidents.

Young Honored by Lighthouse of Pinellas

October 14, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today was honored by Lighthouse of Pinellas for his efforts to increase federal funding for Independent Living Services for older blind individuals.  Throughout his service on the Appropriations Committee, Young has been instrumental in doubling medical research money, to include increased research for early onset blindness, and has been successful in securing increased funding for blind programs for adults and older Americans.

Young Recognized by Old Palm Harbor Main Street Coalition

October 13, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today was recognized by representatives of the Old Palm Harbor Main Street organization for his support of the 2006 Florida Avenue Streetscape Project. Young, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, has been instrumental in securing federal funding for the Palm Harbor downtown revitalization initiative.

Young Issues Statement Concerning Former Rep. Foley

October 3, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today issued a formal statement concerning former Congressman Mark Foley.

Read the statement here.

Young Recognizes National Marrow Donor Program

September 27, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today praised the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) for being awarded three contracts to continue and expand its critical work serving patients in need of a marrow or cord blood transplant.

In 2005, Congress and the President enacted the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program, recognizing Young's significant contribution in establishing a marrow registry program and other critical health services for people suffering from leukemia or other blood related disorders.  Under the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program, the National Marrow Donor Program will now serve as a single point of access for marrow transplant patients, will act as the nation's Cord Blood Coordinating Center, and through a research partner will collect and analyze marrow and blood cell transplant data.

"Working with the marrow donor program has been one of my proudest accomplishments in Congress and I commend the NMDP for being entrusted with the ongoing responsibility of administering these life saving programs and critical research," Young said.

Young Signs Congressional Cancer Promise

September 20, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with Pinellas members of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network to sign the Congressional Cancer Promise.  A strong supporter of funding for the National Cancer Institute, Young reiterated his support for increased research money and better medical services for cancer patients.

Young Commemorates 9/11 with Pinellas Residents

September 11, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today commemorated the events of September 11, 2001 at a program hosted by the residents of South Pasadena.  Recognizing Patriots Day, Young thanked members of the Florida National Guard and area first responders for their continued service and dedication.  "Today is a day we come together to remember the events of that tragic morning, but also to renew our resolve to protect our homeland and our people," Young said.

Following the South Pasadena ceremony, Young participated in the groundbreaking of the University of South Florida Joint Military Leadership Center.  The center, which Young secured funding for through the federal appropriations process, will house the joint ROTC programs at the University of South Florida.

Young Meets with House Speaker regarding Immigration Reform

September 7, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with House Speaker Dennis Hastert and fellow members of the House leadership to discuss immigration reform proposals.  Young and other House chairmen met to discuss recent field hearings on immigration reform and to discuss pending legislation addressing border security by providing more border patrol agents, enhancing enforcement, building more fencing, and increasing surveillance.  House leaders today also agreed to oppose current legislation granting amnesty for those residing illegally in the United States.

Young Meets with President at White House

September 6, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with President George Bush at the White House before attending the President's address on the war on terror.  "We continue to be at a critical point in the global war on terror and it is vital that we remain vigilant in protecting our homeland and defeating those who wish to bring harm to our nation and our people," Young said. 

Young Joins in Opening Inaugural Residence Hall at USF St. Petersburg

August 22, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today joined the President of the University of South Florida and the Chancellor of USF St. Petersburg in opening the first USF St. Petersburg campus residence hall.  "USF St. Petersburg has become a destination for faculty and researchers of outstanding reputation and credentials, and the caliber of students continues to compete with major universities throughout the state," Young said.  "Today marks another great milestone for this campus and this university, but also for the residents of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County."  

Young Discusses Social Security and Medicare Issues with AARP Florida

August 22, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with the regional representative of AARP Florida to discuss an array of legislative issues important to the retiree and senior community in Pinellas County.  Among other issues, Young discussed his opposition to using Social Security taxes for private accounts and reiterated his support for improving the Medicare prescription drug plan by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. 

Young Visits Largo Manufacturing Facility

August 16, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today visited with the leadership and employees of DRS Technologies in Largo.  DRS is engaged in the production of next generation radar equipment currently used by the United States Navy.  Young, as Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, has continued to secure funding for radar equipment manufactured at the Largo facility.

"DRS Technologies is yet another example of the incredible work performed by the skilled workforce here in Pinellas.  The employees here continue to contribute to our national security and DRS continues to contribute to our local and regional economy," Young said.  

Young Visits USCG Air Station Clearwater

August 16, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today visited the United States Coast Guard's Air Station Clearwater to discuss current station operations and readiness and quality of life issues.  While there, Young also met with Rear Admiral David Kunkel regarding operations of the Seventh Coast Guard District and other Homeland Security Department issues.

"The Coast Guard continues to do more with what they're given than any other federal agency and I commend the personnel here at Air Station Clearwater and throughout the Seventh District for their exceptional service.  Our Coast Guard personnel throughout Pinellas and the rest of Florida engages in search and rescue, port security, drug interdiction, border protection and other homeland security missions, and for that we as a county and a state remain incredibly grateful," Young said.

Young Joins in Announcing New F-35 Canopy Work at Pinellas Park Facility

August 16, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today joined with the senior leadership of Lockheed Martin to announce plans to manufacture the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter canopies at the Lockheed Martin plant in Pinellas Park.  Through his service as Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, Young has continued to secure funding for numerous program lines currently manufactured at the Pinellas Park facility.

"This Pinellas Park plant continues to produce the highest quality product for our men and women engaged in the Global War on Terror.  The employees of this facility should be proud of their ongoing contribution to our national security by providing the equipment needed by those serving in uniform," Young said.  "Production of the F-35 canopies further builds on this facility's stature as a Canopy Center of Excellence and reflects the quality of work already done on the F-16 and F-22 canopies.  This new work could entail 2500 to 5000 aircraft and should secure more high skilled jobs in our area for years to come." 

Young Recognizes St. Petersburg Company for Export Achievement

August 16, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today joined with the U.S. Department of Commerce in recognizing Bovie Aaron Medical Corporation with the Department's Export Achievement Certificate.  The Export Achievement Certificate is presented to companies who successfully sell to new foreign markets.  Bovie Aaron is the first St. Petersburg company to be recognized with this achievement.

"Bovie Aaron Medical Corporation is an outstanding example of what small businesses can achieve in the export marketplace.  I am proud of the leadership and employees of this company as they continue to contribute not just to the Pinellas economy but to the health of patients here and around the globe," Young said.   

Young Addresses MacDill AFB Luncheon

August 10, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young addressed the Tampa Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America at their monthly meeting at MacDill Air Force Base.  Young spoke of the need to remain steadfast in the current global war on terror and addressed the legislative priorities of retired military officers, including Tricare health care and pharmaceutical issues.  "I remain committed to providing for the quality of life and health care for those who served in uniform.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who served our nation faithfully and with honor," Young said.

While there, Young was presented with a flag from a United States Army Captain who recently returned from Iraq. 

Young Addresses Tampa Bay Beaches Hospitality Association

August 9
, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today addressed the monthly meeting of the Tampa Bay Beaches Hospitality Association in Treasure Island.  While there, Young was recognized for his leadership in securing federal funding to replace the Treasure Island Causeway bridge.  "Pinellas County remains a worldwide destination for tourists.  It is vital that we continue to protect our beaches, provide for our transportation needs and ensure a business and commercial environment that allows the hospitality industry here in Pinellas to thrive," Young said.

Young Discusses Minimum Wage and other Employment Issues

August 2, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with the owner and employees of the Florida Candy Factory in Clearwater to discuss minimum wage and other employment related issues.  The House of Representatives approved legislation during this current Congress concerning the federal minimum wage, pension reform and immigration reform. 

Young meets with Secretary of Defense

July 27, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to discuss an array of national security and military issues.  

Young meets with Director of National Intelligence

July 12, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today met with the Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, regarding the Global War on Terrorism.  Young, Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, regularly meets with Administration officials regarding intelligence and other national security matters.  "We must continue to take the fight to the terrorists who are determined to disrupt our way of life and our own homeland security.  We have the finest military force in the world and we remain secure today because of the sacrifice and commitment of our men and women in uniform," Young said.

Young Announces New North Pinellas Office Hours

July 1, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young today announced weekly north Pinellas office hours to bring services closer to residents of Dunedin and Palm Harbor.  Beginning Monday, July 3, and continuing the first and third Monday of each month, Representative Young’s staff will be available to constituents from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Dr. William E. Hale Senior Activity Center located at 330 Douglas Avenue in Dunedin.

Beginning July 10, and continuing the second and fourth Monday of each month, Representative Young’s staff will be available to constituents from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Palm Harbor Community Center located at 1500 16th Street in Palm Harbor.  “I am always happy to assist constituents of the 10th District and I am pleased to be working closely with both the Hale Center and the Palm Harbor Community Center to provide additional opportunities for constituents to visit with a member of my staff,” Young said.  Congressman Young's Largo and St. Petersburg offices remain open during regular business hours.  

Young Challenges St. Petersburg Postal Consolidation

June 19, 2006
-- Representative C.W. Bill Young has asked Postmaster General John Potter to postpone any further decisions about the merger between the St. Petersburg Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) and the Tampa Bay P&DC.  Young requests that the United States Postal Service conduct a more in-depth analysis on the implications of a merger.  Of particular concern, is how a consolidation would affect the quality of mail service in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County.  Young tells the Postmaster General, "it is imperative that our local elected officials and members of our community have all the available information about your cost-benefit analysis and your assumptions about future customer service."  To see a copy of the letter written by Congressman Young, click here.

National Institutes of Health Names New BioDefense Center for Young

May 2, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young was honored today by the Secretary of Health & Human Services and the Director of the Representative Young with Secretary of HHS and Director of NIHNational Institutes of Health (NIH) at a ceremony naming a new research facility for the Congressman.  The newly dedicated C.W. Bill Young Center for BioDefense and Emerging Infectious Disease Center will house state-of-the-art research laboratories where NIH researchers and other scientists will engage in forward looking research to address challenges from avian flu, anthrax, influenza, antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis and other life-threatening agents.

C.W. Bill Young Center for BioDefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases"We live in an era of new and continually changing threats," Young said.  "I am humbled and honored that this remarkable facility, which now houses the brightest scientific minds, bears my name.  This building, however, belongs to the people that it has been built to protect and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues at NIH and other federal agencies to ensure that our nation and each of our families remain secure from biological and chemical threats."

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Young Recognized at National VFW Convention

March 6, 2006 -- Representative C.W. Bill Young today was recognized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for his service to the nation's veterans.  Young was presented with the 2006 VFW Congressional Service Award in recognition of his years of commitment to improving veterans health care and benefits, and for continuing to intervene with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies on behalf of his many constituents who have served in uniform.

Addressing the crowd of 1400 VFW leaders, Young commented, "We could have retired quite some time ago, but I have committed to stay so that I can continue to lead the charge for those who serve in the military, those who served in the past and those who will serve in the future."  Young later met with VFW leaders from Pinellas County in his Capitol Hill office to further work through issues and priorities most important to the VFW and its members.

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