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Monday, November 13, 2006
Office of the Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer
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Defense and National Security
Images of Democratic Whip Hoyer working to strengthen our nation's security at home and abroad... [IMAGES]
Health Care
Images of House Democratic Whip Hoyer fighting to provide affordable health care and prescription drug coverage for all Americans... [IMAGES]
Jobs, Economy, and Trade
House Democratic Whip Hoyer pushes for opportunity and prosperity for every American... [IMAGES]
Federal Employees
House Democratic Hoyer has been long been a staunch supporter of federal employees.... [IMAGES]
Energy and the Environment
Whip Hoyer, Rep. Dingell, and other House Democrats discuss electricity reliability... [IMAGES]
Education and Children
Human and Civil Rights
Fiscal Responsibility
Whip Hoyer addressing issues relating to our nation's financial and fiscal health... [IMAGES]
Foreign Affairs
Images of House Democratic Whip Hoyer building partnerships internationally... [IMAGES]
House Democratic Whip Hoyer works with Democrats and Republicans as a leader in Congress... [IMAGES]
Science and Technology


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