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Congressman Lynn A. Westmoreland
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Please note: flag prices are subject to change.

3 X 5 Cotton @ $16.30 each
3 X 5 Nylon @ $16.05 each
4 X 6 Nylon @ $20.55 each
5 X 8 Cotton @ $27.05 each
5 X 8 Nylon @ $25.05 each
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We ask for 4 to 6 weeks notice for flag processing to allow time for us to fill your order in coordination with the Capitol Flag Office and because payment for these flags takes time to reach our office due to the security screening process. Please make checks payable to: Congressman Westmoreland’s Office Supply Account and mail them to the Washington, DC address.

We will process requests we receive through the website, but wait until we have received your check before mailing the flag(s). If you have any questions, please contact the Washington, DC office.
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