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Wyden Urges Senate Energy Panel to Bring Kempthorne to Hill to Answer Questions about Interior Ethics Abuses

  Senators Wyden and Smith Introduce Mount Hood and Columbia River Gorge Wilderness Bill (audio) 09/06/06
  Senator Wyden blocks Legislation to Overturn Oregon's Physician Aid in Dying Law (audio) 09/05/06
  Senators Wyden and Smith Introduce Bipartisan Proposal to Target Catastrophic Costs and the Uninsured (audio) 07/20/06
  Wyden Testifies in Support of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act (audio)
  Wyden Comments on Tax Legislation that Uses Proposed Rural Schools Funding to Provide More Tax Cuts to the Wealthy (audio) 05/11/06

Wyden Comments that the Administration has Bungled Handling of Gasoline Supply and Pricing (audio)

  Wyden Comments That Congress Must Vote On Iraq (video) 04/07/06
  Wyden Comments That Congress Must Vote On Iraq (audio)
  Wyden Comments on His New Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Legislation (audio) 03/16/06
  Press Conference with Senator Wyden on his Net Neutrality Bill (audio) 03/02/06
  Wyden Comments on County Payments Cuts in the President’s Budget (audio) 02/09/06
  Wyden Comments on Energy Cuts in the President’s Budget (audio) 02/09/06
  Wyden comments on the proposed 50% cut to County Payments funding (audio) 02/06/06
  Statement by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Following the President’s State of the Union Address (audio) 01/31/06
  Wyden to Oppose Patriot Act Renewal (audio) 12/15/05
  Oil Company Executives Tell Wyden: We Don’t Need Government Incentives For Energy Exploration (audio)
  Senate Votes To Halt Exports Of Oil Drilled In Arctic Refuge (video) 11/03/05
  Senate Votes To Halt Exports Of Oil Drilled In Arctic Refuge (audio) 11/03/05
  Wyden Provides Real Tax Relief for Middle Class in “Simpler, Flatter, Fairer” Reform Plan (audio) 10/27/05
  Wyden Fights to Halt Exports of Oil Drilled in Arctic Refuge (audio) 10/19/05
  Wyden: Oregonians Can Have a Say Today in Reforming America‚Äôs Health Care System (audio) 10/06/05
  Wyden Backs Oregon’s Case as Supreme Court Hears Assisted Suicide Arguments (audio) 10/05/05
  Wyden Will Vote To Confirm Roberts As Chief Justice Of U.S. Supreme Court (video) 9/28/05
  Wyden Will Vote To Confirm Roberts As Chief Justice Of U.S. Supreme Court (audio) 9/28/05
  Wyden Testifies On Strategies To Reduce Gasoline Price Gouging (audio) 9/21/05
  Wyden Testifies On Strategies To Reduce Gasoline Price Gouging 
  Wyden, Fellow Democrats Call For Protection of Consumers Against Gasoline Price Gouging (audio)
  Wyden Goes to Bat for Consumers over Steep Gasoline Price Increases along the West Coast and Nationwide (audio) 9/06/05
  Wyden opposes 2005 energy legislation (audio) 7/29/05
  Wyden, Defazio, Blumenauer, Hooley, Wu Discuss Amicus Brief In Assisted Suicide Case (audio) 7/20/05
  Wyden Statement On Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility (audio) 6/27/05
  Wyden Urges Balanced Approach To Judicial Filibuster Rule As Vote On “Nuclear Option” Approaches (audio) 5/19/05
  Wyden, Allen Accept Call to Break Down Barriers for Women and Girls in Math, Hard Science Fields (audio) 5/11/05
  Wyden Urges Balanced Approach to Judicial Filibuster Rule (audio) 5/09/05
  Senators Wyden and Smith Announce Bipartisan Goals for Oregon, Nation (audio) 4/07/05
  Wyden Calls on White House to Pressure OPEC Before Upcoming Meeting (audio) 3/07/05
  Wyden Unveils Bipartisan Legislation Promoting Safe Recycling of Computers, Monitors, and TVs 3/03/05
  · Launch of Citizens' Working Group on Health Care 2/28/05
  · Protecting Consumers Against the Privatization of BPA & the Nomination of Clay Sell to become Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy 2/17/05
  · FY2006 Budget Proposal for Bonneville Power Administration 2/7/05
  · The 2004 Oregon Leadership Summit 12/6/04
  · The Lewis and Clark Mount Hood Wilderness Act of 2004 7/22/04
  · Legislation to Help Oregon Workers Hurt By Outsourcing and Stop the Shipping of American Jobs Overseas 6/16/04
  · The FTC, Gas Prices & FTC Nominee Majoras at a Senate Confirmation Hearing 6/2/04
  · Placing "Hold" on FTC Nominee Deborah Majoras
  · The Selling of Children's Personal Information to Marketers 3/3/04
  · The No Child Left Behind Law 3/2/04
  · Unemployment Benefits 2/26/04
  · "Country of Origin” Labeling on Food 1/21/04
  · The President's State of the Union Address 1/20/04
  · His anti-spam bill, the CAN SPAM Act, being signed into law 12/16/03
  · Approval of the First National Anti-Spam Legislation 11/25/03
  · Opposing the National Energy Bill 11/19/03
  · Anti-Spam Legislation to Help Rid of Unsolicited E-mails 10/22/03
  · Cutting Nearly $2 Billion in Wasteful Spending From the Iraq Supplemental 10/17/03
  · Taxing E-mail, Spam Filters, Internet Access & Activities
  · The Collins-Wyden Amendment to Require Open Competition For Iraq Reconstruction
  · Iraq Reconstruction Contracts & Competitive Bidding
  · The Cancellation of the Total Information Awareness Program
  · The Shutdown of Betting on Terror, Futures Markets
  · Databases & Civil Liberties
  · Ending Betting on Terror Through the Terrorism Information Program
  · Hynix & Jobs in Oregon
  · Taxol, The National Institutes of Health, Affordable Medicine
  · FCC Deregulation
  · Energy Policy and Nuclear Subsidies
  · Internet Tax Freedom Act & Internet Taxes
  · Honoring Oregonians' Sacrifice in Iraq Freedom
  · Supporting Troops in Iraq
· The Wyden-Hatch Health Care That Works For All Americans Act
  · Transportation Funds For Oregon
  · Gas Prices
  · Total Information Awareness
  · Hydrogen Fuel Cells