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November 13, 2006: Demographic Reality and the Entitlement State
David Walker, Comptroller General at GAO, has been on a speaking tour of the U.S. recently-- and he pulls no punches when explaining just how precarious our nation's entitlement system really is. He explains that Social Security and Medicare are headed for a train wreck because of demographic trends and rising health care costs. The number of younger taxpayers for each older retiree will continue to decline. The demand for "free" prescription drugs under Medicare will explode. If present trends continue, by 2040 the entire federal budget will be consumed by Social Security and Medicare. The only options for balancing the budget would be cutting total federal spending by about 60%, or doubling federal taxes.


September 7, 2006: Big-Government Solutions Don't Work/ The Law of Opposites
Not too long ago, I spoke on this floor about why I believe Americans are so angry in spite of rosy government economic reports.  The majority of Americans are angry, disgusted, and frustrated that so little is being done in Congress to solve their problems.  The fact is a majority of American citizens expect the federal government to provide for every need, without considering whether government causes many economic problems in the first place.  This certainly is an incentive for politicians to embrace the role of omnipotent problem solvers, since nobody asks first whether they, the politicians themselves, are at fault.


October 18, 2006: Paul Urges Social Security Fairness for Texas Teachers
“I strongly oppose the current laws that restrict the ability of citizens and their spouses to collect full Social Security benefits just because they worked as teachers, government employees, or railroad employees,” Paul stated.  “Furthermore, a retired public employee should not have surviving spouse benefits reduced simply because the surviving spouse was a government employee. Therefore, I fully support repealing the so-called ‘windfall elimination’ provision and the government pension offset. Congress needs to act this year to end this injustice.”


June 29, 2006:
Why Are Americans So Angry? 
(**with North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones**)

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