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Congressman Major Owens welcomes you.

 I thank you for visiting my home page. I hope you find the website helpful and informative, and encourage you to visit as often as possible. You can use this site to search for legislative information from my office, to get the latest updates on issues that are important to you, as a constituent of the 11th Congressional District. You can read about some of my activities, take a virtual tour of the White House and contact myself or my office.

 I am honored to represent you in the United States House of Representatives and look forward to hearing from you.


Major R. Owens
Member of Congress


  • Owens Delivers CBC Message To America
  • I Voted "Yes" For Net-Neutrality
  • Statement at New York City Hall on Power Sharing and the Voting Rights Act
  • The Cost of Republican Corruption
  • Iraq Supplemental Funding
  • March 2006 Newsletter
  • The Voting Rights Act and Power Sharing
  • Owens Demands Support For Power Sharing
  • Judge Samuel Alito and the Right Wing Bullies
  • Restoring the Public Trust: Focusing On The Priorities Of Americans
  • Owens Condemns Oversight Of Elections In Haiti
  • Coalition Forms To Pursue Regulation Of Cellphone Antennae
  • Owens Critiques Bush Budget For Failing Mineworkers
  • Owens Celebrates MLK Day
  • Owens Blasts Bush for Weakening Miner Safety
  • Owens Calls For Massive Support Of Transit Workers
  • Owens Calls On NYS Legislature To Repeal
        Appointment of Judge
  • Recognizing Anniversary of the 13th Amendment
  • Owens Delivers $1 Million For Prospect Park
  • Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of Bus Boycott
  • Congressman Owens Education Committee
  • Statement on Out of Iraq Resolution
  • Owens Delivers Weekly CBC Message
  • Owens Statement on the legendary Rosa Parks
  • Bush Exploits Hurricanes to Undermine Worker Rights
  • Owens Statement on Pakistan
  • Owens Statement on William Bennett
  • Katrina Appeal To Backstop Owens CBC Weekend Activities
  • New Orleans Survivors Becomes The Americans Haitians

  • Map of the 11th Congressional District

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