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Information Sheet United States Service Academy Nominations

General Information

The information I require is outlined below in order for you to be considered for a nomination. It is your responsibility to submit this information and keep it updated. All letters of request for nomination have to be postmarked or received by the first of October in order to be considered for the class entering in following year. All subsequent information has to be received by the tenth of October. All correspondence should be directed to Linda Pedigo by way of my Chester County office: 111 East Uwchlan Avenue, Exton, PA 19341. Telephone inquiries should be made to 202-225-4315.


A. RESIDENCY: You must be a legal resident of the Sixth Congressional District. This is comprised of parts of the counties of Berks, Chester and Montgomery. As all of these counties are split between two or more Members, please contact your voter registrar to make sure you reside in the Sixth District. This is vital as, by law, I can only nominate those individuals who are domicile in the District I represent.

B. QUESTIONNAIRE: I have a questionnaire that must be completed and returned to me as soon as possible. A potential candidate will receive this questionnaire once they have written to me requesting a nomination.

C. PRECANDIDATE FILE: In order to establish a file with your preferred academy(ies), you must request from them a precandidate questionnaire. This may be done by visiting the academy(ies) web sites. They are: Air Force (; Military (; Navy (; and, Merchant Marine (

D. RECOMMENDATIONS: At least three letters of recommendation should be sent to my Chester County office. These letters can be sent separately from the completed questionnaire. The decision as to who you get these letters from is strictly up to you.

E. TRANSCRIPT: An official transcript of your high school record and class rank must be submitted. This transcript must show your final junior grades. If possible, I prefer to get your numerical class rank rather than percentile rank.

F. COLLEGE BOARDS: Your SAT or ACT scores are required by the academies and myself. Previous scores will probably be on your transcripts. My SAT code number is 5259 and my ACT code number is 7640. If you use these codes, your scores will be sent directly to me.

G. MEDICAL EXAMINATION: The individual academies will recommend the scheduling of medical examinations to the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board after receipt of the precandidate questionnaire which is used to open a precandidate file at the academy. There is no cost to the candidate for this examination.

H. LEADERSHIP: Leadership potential and physical fitness are judged from the information provided on your questionnaire. Please keep this information up to date with me as well as the academies as all of us place strong emphasis on these areas.

Nomination Information

By law, I have a maximum of five vacancies at the United States Air Force, Military and Naval Academies. When a cadet/midshipman graduates or is disenrolled before graduation, a vacancy occurs. Ten (10) candidates can be selected for nomination per vacancy, with the exception of the Merchant Marine Academy. At this Academy, a maximum of ten (10) candidates may be selected for nomination per year.

Selection Process

In order to make the best nominations possible, I have established a Service Academy Applicant Review Board. This Board interviews each candidate and makes recommendations to me for final selection. These interviews are held in the District, usually in early to mid-November. All candidates are invited to meet with the Board at that time. If a candidate does not respond to this invitation, he/she is considered no longer interested and is not considered for a nomination.

Among the areas the Board explores with each candidate are scholarship, leadership, athletic and extra-curricular activities, and motivation and enthusiasm.

The Board makes their recommendations to me and all candidates are informed of their status no later than December 15.
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