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Learn the truth about the misleading tele-scare calls that invade your privacy.
Tele-Scare Calls - Truth and Fiction

Many of Ginny's constituents have received false and misleading telephone calls from outside interest groups opposed to various Congressional actions.  This web page is designed to provide you with the resources to learn the truth about these calls, and to give you more information about the agendas of the organizations behind them.

In an age of Do Not Call Lists for your telephone and spam filters for your e-mail, it may seem strange that private interest group organizations feel that unwanted and intrusive tele-scare phone calls into your home will somehow be welcome.  Beginning in January of 2005, Ginny's constituents have received no fewer than eight automated telephone calls on their home phones and answering machines.

As would be expected, the information contained in many of these calls was oftentimes blatently false, usually a crude distortion of the facts, and nothing but a scare tactic designed to frighten senior citizens in Florida's 5th District.  Ginny has included information below about each of the groups behind the calls, as well as some further information about their agendas.

Groups that Invaded Your Privacy

American Family Voices

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

Voices for Working Families

We the People

Working America

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