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War on Terror

On September 11th, the lives of over three thousand innocent people were taken in senseless acts of terror. Since then, thousands of brave men and women of our military have gone to the far corners of the world to defend the very freedoms that were attacked that day. The troops stationed abroad as part of Operation Enduring Freedom include many brave soldiers from the Third District. These troops, along with the other units that have been activated in Arkansas, are making our state proud as they serve our nation in the War on Terror.

The administration's response to the attacks has been strong and I praise President Bush's leadership during this time of crisis. Operation Enduring Freedom has so far driven the Taliban from power in Afghanistan and led to the capture of hundreds of suspected terrorists, but the mission is far from over.

I stand with my colleagues in Congress, who are united in this cause and supportive of President Bush's efforts to ensure the horrors of September 11th never happen again. I am committed to providing the president with all the resources he needs to win the War on Terror and to protect our homeland. I am extremely proud or our military and I will continue to support the brave men and women who are valiantly fighting to defend our way of life.

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