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Information on Financial Planning

Whether you are trying to figure out how to put your children through college, plan for retirement, or simply trying to balance your family’s budget, you may find yourself looking for answers or advice.

There are a host of resources that can help, including the Web site Created by the Pennsylvania Office of Financial Education, it provides information on all aspects of personal financial management – from saving to investing to borrowing.

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At a Glenside community event on July 4th, Congresswoman Schwartz spoke with constituents about what she’s working on in Congress.

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Latest News

Representative Schwartz Votes for Tough Border Security Measures
- Washington, D.C. - Representative Allyson Schwartz voted today for tough measures to strengthen America’s border security. Schwartz voted in strong support of plans to increase criminal penalties for those building, financing, or using border tunnels; to deport illegal immigrants who are members of criminal gangs; and a plan to end outdated catch and release policies and crack down on human smuggling. ...view more

Congresswoman Schwartz to Host Lansdale Online Safety and Identity Theft Workshop
- Washington, D.C. - What should I do if I believe my credit card has been fraudulently used? What can I do to make sure my children are safe online? How can I protect my personal information from identity thieves? ...view more

Schwartz: Republican Budget Policies are Failing American Families
- Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz spoke out last night on the failures of the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans’ budget policies and the damaging effects it is having on American families. ...view more

Republicans Fail to Address Real Reform
- Washington, D.C. - With the passage of H.Res. 1000, Republicans have chosen once again to hide behind rhetoric rather than pass a bill which would address the very real problem of the rampant culture of corruption under the Republican-led Congress. ...view more

Schwartz: Republicans Have Failed Once Again To Protect Our Borders
- Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz today demanded that Congress get tough on securing America’s borders. Schwartz also strongly criticized the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress for failing to secure our borders. ...view more