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Senate Passes Water Resources Bill

U.S. Senator Kit Bond, Chairman of the Senate Transportation Infrastructure subcommittee, announced that the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) passed the full Senate in late July. WRDA includes Bond's bipartisan legislation to modernize locks on the upper Mississippi River.

""We cannot be for increased trade, commercial growth, and job creation without supporting the basic transportation infrastructure necessary to move goods from buyers to sellers," said Bond. "New efficiency helps give our producers an edge that can make or break opportunities in the international marketplace.

"One medium-sized barge tow can carry the freight of 870 trucks. That fact alone speaks volumes to the benefits of water. With oil prices over $70 per barrel, consider the advantages of a twin engine barge that can carry the equivalent of 870 trucks. This is critical for both the environment and the economy.

"Without a competitive transportation system, the promise of expanded trade and commercial growth is empty, job opportunities are lost, and we will be unprepared for the global challenges of this new century."

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Senate Passes Legislation to Expand Domestic Energy Supplies

The U.S. Senate has passed legislation that will increase domestic supplies of oil and natural gas and reduce America's dependence on foreign sources of energy. S. 3711, the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act will open up 8.3 million acres of the Outer Continental Shelf for oil and gas leasing.

Estimates suggest these areas contain roughly 1.26 billion barrels of oil and 5.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The natural gas supply alone is enough to heat and cool nearly 6 million homes for 15 years.

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Bond Secures $5 Million for Biotech Center at Mizzou

U.S. Senator Kit Bond announced that he has secured $5 million in federal funds for the National Plant and Genetics Security Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia, one of his top funding priorities this year.

"The research done here will result in better health and better nutrition for all of us. When scientists find safer and more environmentally-friendly ways to kill insects and weeds, farmers can produce more food at a lower price," said Bond. "When they study the genetic make-up of corn and soybeans, they help farmers grow more nutritious crops, which will translate into better health for American families and families around the world.""

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