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"This is a war that each passing day confirms what I have said before and I will say again. This war in Iraq is a grotesque mistake; it is not making America safer, and the American people know it."
- Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Our brave men and women in uniform are fighting a war of choice in which we sent our young people into harm's way without leveling with the American people.  They were sent into war without intelligence about what they were going to confront, without the equipment to protect them, and without a plan for what would happen after the fall of Baghdad.  Disagreement with the policies that sent our troops to Iraq, and which keep them in danger today, in no way diminishes the respect and admiration which we have for them. 

Democrats strongly support our troops; we have the finest armed forces in the world and they are doing a great job.  Sadly, the level of their sacrifice has never been matched by the level of the Administration's planning, and the American people agree this war is not making America safer. 

This unnecessary pre-emptive war has come at great cost.  2,500 of our troops have lost their lives, and thousands more have suffered lasting wounds.  Since the war began, Congress has appropriated nearly $320 billion, and the United States has suffered devastating damage to our reputation in the eyes of the world.  The cost in lives and limbs, the cost in dollars, and the cost in reputation has been enormous.

Rather than holding the Administration accountable for its poor planning and mismanagement of the Iraq War, Republicans have rubberstamped the Bush Administration’s policy.  Republicans have failed to conduct oversight to make sure that our troops are properly equipped and have failed to demand accountability so that taxpayers’ dollars are not wasted on no-bid contracts for Halliburton.  It is clear that the Iraq War is straining our military and undermining the war on terrorism.  Yet, Republicans want to stay the course in Iraq, with an open-ended commitment and no end in sight.

Democrats want to move us in a new direction – ensuring that 2006 is a year of significant transition with Iraqis assuming responsibility for their country and with the responsible redeployment of U.S. forces.

There are only two directions to take in Iraq: Bush’s plan of staying the course to let a future President to sweep up after, or the Murtha plan to change the direction of that course.  Rep. Pelosi has joined with Rep. Murtha in calling for the redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq to make our country safer, our military stronger, and the region more stable.  

Sign on as a Citizen Co-Sponsor to the Murtha plan and let the President know you want a clear plan, an accountable President, and our troops home.

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