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“ Our children’s education is not only the key to their personal success, but also to the success of our country’s economic growth. ”

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In the past year, the Republican Congress has cut over $12 billion in federal student aid, making college less affordable and less accessible for millions of American families. Democrats will reduce interest rates, restore the Republican cuts on federal student aid, and expand existing programs such as the Pell Grant to make college affordable for future generations of Americans. Click here to learn more.

Despite promises to leave no child behind, the Republican budget is $16.4 billion less than promised in the No Child Left Behind Act, denying millions of children across the country key services in math, reading and after school programs. Read a report detailing the Republican budget shortfalls in education funding.

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Throughout the school year, students across the country are graded on their performance in school. Now is your chance to grade the Administration on its performance for schools.  Here are a few highlights of the Administration's policy:
  • A $16.4 billion shortfall in funding the No Child Left Behind Act for 2007, for a cumulative No Child Left Behind shortfall of $56.7 billion.
  • Eliminating 42 programs worth $4.1 billion.
  • More than 2.4 million children who will not get needed help with reading and math.
  • Unfunded mandates forced onto states, resulting in potential across the board education cuts in two-thirds of states.
  • A freeze on federal Pell Grants as college tuition rises exponentially.

Education is the cornerstone to building America’s future. We must make a national commitment to education by strengthening our schools, fully funding special education, and modernizing our classrooms. At the same time, we must work to reduce class size, put in place the means for students to attain higher education, and make sure that we have the best trained, most qualified teachers in the world. Democrats are committed to providing high quality education to all of America’s children, creating a nation ready for the challenges of the 21st century.  Learn More > > >  

Fulfilling the Promise: 50th Anniversary, Brown v. Board of Education.> > >

Learn More at > > >

BudgetWatch: How the Republican Budget Impacts Education.

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