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In serving Oregon in the United States Senate, Ron Wyden pursues creative, bipartisan solutions to tough issues, offers unprecedented accessibility to his constituents, and stands up for Oregonians no matter the odds.


Creative, Bipartisan Solutions
Ron constantly reaches across the aisle to build coalitions on important issues.

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Standing Up for Oregon
On behalf of Oregonians, Ron has taken on tough fights without regard for the power of the opponent.

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As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Ron pledged to make accessibility to his constituents the top priority.

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Personal History
Ron holds the Senate seat once held by his mentor, the late Wayne Morse.

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· Budget
· Energy and Natural Resources
· Finance Committee


· Special Committee on Aging
· Select Committee on Intelligence


As one of the most active Senators on Capital Hill, Ron has compiled an extensive list of
accomplishments on behalf of Oregonians.

  107th Congress Accomplishments    
  106th Congress Accomplishments