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A balanced budget is more important than a federal tax cut.






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About Us

Democratic Values

Democrats are the party of opportunity, dedicated to helping every American achieve the promise of freedom, success and financial security.

Throughout our history, Democrats have fought against the special interests and for the needs of America's working families. To help Americans work and retire in dignity, Democrats passed legislation creating Social Security and Medicare, affordable college loans, the G.I. Bill, the 40-hour work week, and family and medical leave.

Today, we are still fighting for those who are working and those who are looking for work, for parents, for the disabled, for senior citizens, and for our children. We believe diversity is our country's greatest strength, and that we can work together to build a stronger, brighter future.

Our agenda is your agenda: national security, economic security, education, affordable healthcare, secure pensions and 401 (k) benefits, and a clean environment.

Rep. Brian Higgins
New York, 27th
Cancer claims the lives of 1,500 American people every day. Rep. Higgins, in response to President Bush’s 2007 budget cuts that reduced the National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding by nearly $40 million, is sponsoring legislation that would entirely fund the NCI.
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60 percent of uninsured workers are employed by small businesses. (Employee Benefit Research Institute)