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A true bipartisan effort can empower Oregonians and all Americans. From a real plan for health coverage for the uninsured, to protecting our citizens from financial fallout from the California energy crisis, to creatively addressing natural resources issues, good ideas can prevail in this contentious political climate.

Click Here for the Bipartisan Agenda from the 107th Congress

Bipartisan Agenda For the 108th Congress


Restore Oregon’s Economic Vitality

  • BUILD ON MOMENTUM OF THE ECONOMIC SUMMIT: Continue to provide leadership to push the state and the business community forward on the economic issues addressed at the December 9, 2002, Wyden-Smith-Kulongoski Economic Summit.

  • PREPARE OREGON FOR JOB-CREATING TECHNOLOGIES: Work to support efforts to bring nanotechnology, biotechnology, health technology, and high technology research and jobs to Oregon.

  • PROTECT AFFORDABLE ENERGY: Keep Oregon businesses competitive by fighting efforts to undermine the regional preference for BPA power. Fight standard market design and other one-size-fits-all energy strategies proposed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that will hurt Oregon energy consumers.

  • MAXIMIZE FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION DOLLARS: Fight to increase Oregon’s transportation funding in the reauthorization of the transportation bill, TEA-21.

  • IMPROVE STATE-FEDERAL COORDINATION: Regularly collaborate with Governor Kulongoski to recruit new businesses to Oregon, retain current Oregon employers, and seek new markets through international trade for Oregon products.

  • SUPPORT VIBRANT PORTS: Fight to maintain funding for Oregon’s smaller ports, and work to ensure Port of Portland’s competitiveness by dredging the Columbia River Channel to 43 feet.

  • PROMOTE GREEN ENERGY: Help pass the Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2003 and support other efforts to make Oregon a leader in green energy technologies such as geothermal, hydrogen, wind, biomass and solar energy.

    Protect Oregon’s Rural Communities

  • RESPOND TO CATASTOPHIC WILDFIRES: Provide adequate resources for fighting catastrophic wildfires.

  • SUPPORT OREGON FARMERS: Help fund research programs that are critical to keeping Oregon farms competitive in a global market.

  • IMPROVE MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES: Support efforts of key Oregon watersheds to resolve water supply and water quality issues.

  • STOP INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES: Work to ensure passage of S. 144, which will bring federal assistance to control and eradicate harmful, non-native weeds.

    Improve Access to Quality Health Care

  • REDUCE THE NUMBER OF UNINSURED: Work within respective parties to push meaningful and comprehensive legislation that will decrease the number of Americans without health insurance, including congressional consideration of the Health Care That Works for All Americans Act.

  • PROVIDE DRUG COVERAGE FOR SENIORS: Pass a broad, market-based prescription drug benefit through Medicare that provides seniors access to reasonably priced prescription drugs.

  • FIGHT FOR FAIR MEDICARE REIMBURSEMENTS: Improve the Medicare reimbursement rate to Oregon health care providers.

  • IMPROVE PAIN MANAGEMENT: Reintroduce the Conquering Pain Act, which will improve end-of-life care for patients in pain and assist providers with more information on treating pain.

    Assist State Education Efforts

  • LOOK FOR NEW SOURCES OF FEDERAL FUNDING: Lend our resources to the state to seek new or untapped federal funding for education.

  • PROTECT COUNTY PAYMENTS: Work to ensure continued funding to preserve the county payment law that will bring $57 million for Oregon schools in 2003.

  • IMPROVE ENGINEERING PROGRAMS: Support efforts to bring world-class engineering instruction to the state.