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Tax Relief

Despite recent tax cuts, which I wholeheartedly supported, I continue to believe that the American people and the American economy are overtaxed. While I have consistently voted to decrease the tax burden imposed upon every American taxpayer, the overall complexity of the tax code itself remains a problem in need of a solution.

What is needed is a substantial overhaul of our Internal Revenue Code, and the passage of tax simplification. Whether you might support a national sales tax, a flat tax or some other system, it is clear that the present puzzle of forms, schedules and deductions is in desperate need of attention. I believe that our tax code should be reduced from its present 9,500 pages to a tax code that individuals can understand. I will continue to work with the Treasury Secretary, the President and my colleagues in Congress to produce a fairer, simpler system of taxation for every American. And more importantly, I have never supported and will never support any plan that would increase your taxes.

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