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Capital dome and the United States flagCongressman Henry Hyde
Representing Illinois' Sixth District
          "The Land of Lincoln"

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Dear Friend,

Today the House passed an important transportation bill that will provide $284 billion in federal highway, transit and road safety funding through 2009.  The legislation will help correct problems of congestion, driver safety, and inefficient highway projects, while providing for the creation of millions of new U.S. jobs in the transportation sector and related industries. Here are some highlights of the bill: Job Security & Creation Ø     TEA-LU will protect existing and create millions of new U.S. jobs in the transportation sector—an industry integral to America’s economic success. Ø      It is estimated that for every $1 billion invested . . .

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After serving 32 years in Congress I decided not to run for re-election this year. I will complete this term in Congress, continuing the full schedule we have planned for this year as Chairman of the International Relations Committee.

I have enjoyed a long career of serving you as the U.S. Representative of the sixth congressional district of Illinois. I want to thank all of you who have supported me these many years. Together we have a litany of accomplishments of which we can be proud including protecting the lives of the defenseless pre-born and the ailing elderly, supporting and assisting the mentally challenged, standing for moral family values, rebuilding education, improving infrastructure in our district and our state, protecting our homeland and preserving our freedom.

We have gone through many conflicts together; the Cold War, the Communist takeover in Nicaragua and Granada, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, removal of Noriega from Panama, genocide in Bosnia, bombing of the World Trade Center, invasion of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq and the present defense of our nation against insurgents. We all pray for peace while we must remain diligent to the dangers we face as a nation.

My offices will remain available to assist you until December. After that, if you need assistance with a federal problem, I suggest you contact either of your U.S. Senators’ offices until the newly elected U.S. Representative for the sixth district takes office in January 2007.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Congressman Henry Hyde
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Congressman Henry Hyde Will Not Seek Another Term in Congress
- WASHINGTON, April 18, 2005 ---- Today Congressman Henry Hyde, R-IL, issued the following statement with regard to his future plans in Congress:   I have decided not to run for re-election to Congress in 2006.  Despite this difficult decision, I still have a job to do through 2006, including a lot of important work to accomplish as Chairman of the House International Relations Committee.  The committee’s upcoming schedule includes hearings and legislation about the UN Oil for Food scandal, Arms Export Laws and U.S. public diplomacy efforts abroad, and more.  The fiscal 2006 budget process also is in . . . More

Congressman Henry Hyde Expresses Condolences Following Pope John Paul II’s Death
- WASHINGTON, April 2, 2005 ---- Congressman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., today expressed his sorrow at the passing of Pope John Paul II:  “God has called home a great and saintly man.  Our sorrow at John Paul II’s leaving us should be tempered by the realization that he is finally at peace with the Father.  I am sure he is praying for us even now, as we are praying for him.” . . . More

House Passes $284 Billion Highway Transportation Bill; Includes $16 Million for 6th District Projects
- WASHINGTON, March 10, 2005 ---- {Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $284 billion federal highway bill that outlines how federal transportation dollars will be allocated through 2009 --  a 42 percent increase over the last highway bill (1998-2003.)  The House bill (HR 3, also known as TEA-LU) will authorize $225.5 billion for highways, $52.3 billion for public transit and about $6 billion for various safety and research programs, through 2009.  The bill will now head to the Senate.  The Bush Administration has already announced support for the House bill.   Congressman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., personally secured . . . More

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