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-- Gas prices have plummeted over 80 cents per gallon during past 2 months


-- Over 6.6 million new jobs created since August 2003


--National unemployment rate is at very low 4.6%, lower than the average of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s


--Economy has grown for 19 consecutive quarters


--Congressional Budget Office lowered projected fiscal year 2006 deficit by over $100 billion, citing soaring tax revenue.  For more info, click here.


--Incomes and wages have risen


--Investment markets are strong; Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches new all-time high




Defense authorization bill blocks beginning of the retirement of U-2 spy plane (9-29-06)


Herger applauds passage of bill providing over $700 million in funding for Global Hawk (9-27-06)


Congressman Herger Gives Speech on Global Hawk, Beale AFB's Role in War on Terror (8-25-06)


Congressman Herger Issues Statement Regarding U-2, Global Hawk Provisions in Defense Authorization Bill (5/11/06)


Congressman Herger Gives Speech on Global Hawk (2-16-06)



Read  Summer 2006 Newsletter


Your thoughts on immigration reform -- 

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--Nearly 8 million parents and children are no longer on welfare, representing a remarkable 64% reduction in welfare rolls


--1.4 million children lifted from poverty


--Welfare recipients who are working has more than doubled, leading to higher wages


--Suspension of Supplemental Security Income benefits to prisoners has helped save taxpayers about $500 million each year


Read Herger and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas' Joint Statement Commemorating Welfare Reform Anniversary 



Watch Floor Speech in Support of Resolution Recognizing Successes of Welfare Reforms (7/18/06)


Text of Speech


Herger Gives House Floor Speech on Winning the 

War on Terror (6/15/06)


Watch Floor Speech


Herger Issues Statement on the Elimination of al Qaeda in Iraq Leader al-Zarqawi (6/8/06)

Audio (Radio Actuality)






Permanent Estate Tax Relief Act

Floor Speech (6/22/06)



Winning the War on Terror

Floor Speech (6/15/06)


Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act

Floor Speech (6/7/06)


American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act

Floor Speech (5/25/06)


Foster Care Improvement Measure

Floor Speech (5/24/06)


Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act

 Floor Speech (5/17/06)


Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act 

Floor Speech (5/10/06)


Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit - CMS Administrator 

Dr. Mark McClellan 

Question at Hearing (5/3/06)


Capital Gains and Dividends 

Tax Relief

Floor Speech (4/26/06)


Tax Relief and Small Business - Treasury Secretary Snow

Question at Hearing  (2/15/06)


Trade - Rice and Beef -

Ambassador Portman

Question at Hearing (2/15/06)


Welfare Reform - Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt 

Question at Hearing (2/8/06)


Tax Relief - Office of Management and Budget Director Bolton

Question at Hearing (2/8/06)





Learn more about the the new benefit by calling 1-800-MEDICARE, or by visiting on the Internet



How did Wally vote?  Follow the links below to "Thomas," the House's legislative information system, and Project Vote Smart, a non partisan political awareness group
- Thomas: Search Official Database of Legislative Measures and Votes 
- Project Vote Smart: non-partisan political awareness group

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 - Human Resources, Chairman
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Herger presents a care package to Tremale Berger.  After "aging out" of foster care, Tremale now attends The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.  At the Orphan Foundation of America National Care Package event, Herger joined others in commending and presenting care packages to Tremale and similar students who have overcome great odds and are attending college (9/21/06)

During his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, Herger tours a previously concealed tunnel through which illegal immigrants smuggled themselves and narcotics. (8-25-06) 

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Congressman Herger joins General Select Jake Polumbo, Commander of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale Air Force Base, at the roll-out ceremony of the advanced model of the Global Hawk spy plane.  By gathering intelligence with remarkable accuracy, the Global Hawk is playing a critical role in the War on Terror. (8-25-06)

Congressman Herger joins senior citizens at an "Anti-Scam" event in Yuba City.  Herger organized the events to raise public awareness after a Northern California woman took her life after being defrauded of over $500,000 through an international lottery scam (8-15-06)

Congressman Herger joins Representative Clay Shaw and Toshiba Hamlett, Denise Stoney, and Teresa Petty following a press conference commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Welfare Reform.  At the event, Toshiba, Denise, and Teresa discussed how these reforms helped them transition from government dependence to good employment and self-sufficiency. (7-18-06) 

Congressman Herger speaks at the annual Capitol PurSuit Drive in Washington.  At the event, Herger, along with other members of Congress and Capitol Hill staff, collectively donated thousands of suits and other professional clothes to lower income individuals who are seeking to secure a job.  For more information, click here.  (6/21/06) 

At Monument Hill outside Woodland on Memorial Day, Congressman Herger and California Department of Veterans Affairs Operations Director John Hanretty honored Sgt. Johnny Reed by presenting him with the Purple Heart and Bronze Star -- awards he earned for his service in Vietnam but had not received.

Congressman Herger and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt speak to senior citizens at a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Medicare Part D) promotion event in Redding.  Recent reports demonstrate that the overwhelming majority of seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D save money and are satisfied with their new prescription drug coverage (4/21/06)

Congressman Herger speaks with a member of the "Greatest Generation," Mr. Ford Bishop, at the town hall meeting in Redding.  Herger presented Mr. Bishop with medals he earned during World War II but had not been awarded.  Mr. Bishop and his unit were captured by German troops after the end of the war, and were vastly outnumbered.  The Germans were preparing to execute Mr. Bishop and his fellow soldiers, but, after the intervention of a German mayor, the German soldiers turned themselves over to American forces, and Mr. Bishop was freed.  (3/25/2006) 

Congressman Herger speaks at the town hall in Redding.  Last week, Herger hosted nine town hall meetings throughout Northern California. Hundreds of North State residents attended, and many took the opportunity to offer their viewpoints on a number of issues. (3/25/06)

Congressman Herger with Karina Mora and Alissa Morrow of Williams.  As selected participants in the "Presidential Classroom" program, Karina and Alissa came to Washington to learn firsthand about the policymaking and political processes. (3/15/2006)

Congressman Herger speaks at a press conference discussing new measures to counter our nation's tragic Meth epidemic.  The provisions are included in the renewal of the PATRIOT Act, which became law today. (3-9-06) 

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Congressman Herger speaks at a press conference where a constructive and responsible budget proposal that would balance the budget in five years was unveiled. (3-8-06)  

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10/23/06 - Herger Applauded for Supporting Border Security Legislation

10/17/06 - Herger Issues Statement on Military Commissions Act Becoming Law

10/07/06 - Herger Comments on New Data Further Demonstrating Strong Economy 

Audio (Radio Actuality)

09/30/06 - Herger Applauds Senate Passage of Bill Authorizing 700 Miles of New Fencing Along Border; President Is Expected to Sign Into Law 

09/29/06 - Herger Hails Passage of Homeland, Port Security Measures

09/27/06 - Herger Hails Passage of Bill to Bring Terrorists to Justice 

Audio (Radio Actuality)

09/27/06 - Herger Applauds Passage of Measure to Help Fund War on Terror and Provide for Military Personnel; Also Includes $700 million in Funding for Global Hawk, Stationed at Beale AFB 

09/26/06 - Herger Applauds House Action on Darfur Genocide; Urges Meaningful and Effective Action by United Nations 

09/21/06 - Herger Applauds Passage of Border Security, Enforcement Bills

09/20/06 - Herger Hails Passage of Measure to Help Ensure Only Eligible U.S. Citizens Vote

09/19/06 - Herger Reminds Students of Upcoming Deadline to Apply for Service Academy Nomination

09/15/06 - Herger Lauds Passage of Measure to Bring Sunshine to Earmarking Process

09/14/06 - Herger Hails Passage of Border Security Bill

08/29/06 - Herger Discusses Recent Visit to U.S.-Mexico Border; Calls it an "Eye-Opener"

08/25/06 - Read Herger Speech on Global Hawk, Beale AFB Role in Winning the War on Terror

08/21/06 - Herger, Chairman of Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources, Joins Committee Chairman Bill Thomas in Commemorating 10th Anniversary of Historic Welfare Reforms

07/25/06 - Herger Hails Passage of Measures Aimed at Protecting Children

Watch Floor Speech in Support of Child and Family Services Improvement Act

07/19/06 - Herger Hails House Passage of Measure Protecting "Under God" in the Pledge from Judicial Activists

07/18/06 - Herger Backs Marriage Protection Amendment

07/12/06 - Herger to Host "Anti-Scam" Forums to Raise Public Awareness About Financial Scams Targeting Seniors

07/11/06 - Herger Touts Report Indicating Diminishing Deficit; Says More Work Remains

06/29/06 - Herger Strongly Condemns Leak of Classified National Security Information

Read letter urging Speaker Hastert to revoke New York Times' congressional press credentials

06/29/06 - Herger Lauds House Passage of New Measure Increasing American-Made Energy

06/22/06 - Herger Lauds House Passage of "Death Tax" Relief

Watch Floor Speech

06/22/06 - Herger Backs Measures Protecting American Taxpayers

Audio (Radio Actuality)

06/21/06 - Herger Joins Other Members and Congressional Staff in Contributing Business Attire to Lower Income Individuals Seeking Employment

06/20/06 - Herger Applauds House Passage of Measure Supporting our Nation's Troops

06/15/06 - Herger Gives House Floor Speech on Winning the War on Terror

Watch Floor Speech

06/09/06 - Herger Announces Appointments to United States Service Academies

06/08/06 - Herger Issues Statement on the Elimination of al Qaeda in Iraq Leader al-Zarqawi

Audio (Radio Actuality)

06/07/06 - Herger Hails House Passage of Measure that Addresses Rising Gas Prices

Watch Floor Speech

06/07/06 - Herger Applauds House Passage of Bill to Crack Down on Broadcast Indecency

05/25/06 - Herger Hails House Passage of Measure to Increase Supply of American-made Energy

Watch Floor Speech

Audio (Radio Actuality)

05/24/06 - Herger Lauds Passage of Measure to Help Place Foster and Adoptive Children in Safe Homes Sooner

Watch Floor Speech

05/19/06 - House Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee, Chaired by Herger, Issues Third Report Demonstrating Successes of 1996 Welfare Reform Law

05/18/06 - Herger Praises Actions to Keep Economy Strong

05/17/06 - Herger Lauds Passage of Forest Recovery Bill

Watch Floor Speech

05/11/06 - Herger Reminds Seniors Deadline to Enroll in Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Without Penalty is Monday, May 15, 2006

Audio (Radio Actuality)

05/10/06 - Herger Touts Passage of Tax Relief Measure

Watch Floor Speech

05/10/06 - Herger Lauds Passage of Measures to Honor and Support Our Troops

Audio (Radio Actuality) -- Herger discusses measure to keep radical protestors away from funerals of fallen service members 

05/03/06 - Herger Outraged by Opposition to Measure Addressing Rising Gas Prices

Watch Floor Speech in Support of Bill 

05/02/06 - Herger Applauds Federal-State Agreement to Expedite Emergency Levee Repairs in Northern California

Read the State-Federal Action Plan for Expedited Levee Repair

Read the letter Herger and other CA lawmakers sent to President Bush urging expedited emergency levee repairs (3/16/2006) 

04/28/06 - Herger Touts Soaring Economic Growth in First Quarter of 2006

04/25/06 - Herger Says "Tax Freedom Day" Demonstrates High Tax Burden on Americans

04/24/06 - Herger Discusses Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit in Public Service Announcement


Audio (Radio Actuality)

04/07/06 - Herger Hails Jobs Report Indicating 211,000 New Jobs Created in March; National Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.7% 

Audio (Radio Actuality)

04/06/06 - Herger Joins Pew Commission in Applauding New Federal Funding to Improve Foster Care System and Help Protect Children in Foster Care 

04/05/06 - House Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee, Chaired by Congressman Herger, Holds Hearing on the Use of Technology to Improve Government Services

03/30/06 - House Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee, Chaired by Congressman Herger, Issues Second Report Demonstrating Successes of 1996 Welfare Reform Law

03/30/06 - House Resources Committee Approves Herger-sponsored Legislation to Secure Recreation Funding for Shasta and Trinity Lakes

3/17/06 - Herger, 9 Other CA Members Send Letter to President Bush Urging Assistance in Expediting Emergency Levee Repairs for Sacramento Valley


03/17/06 - Herger Announces Service Academy Appointments

03/09/06 - Herger Hails Measures that will Combat Meth Epidemic

02/16/06 - Congressman Herger Supports Levee Safety Measure

02/15/06 - Congressman Herger Discusses Strong Economy, Free and Fair Trade with Treasury Secretary Snow and U.S. Trade Representative Portman

02/08/06 - Congressman Herger Visits White House to Attend Signing Ceremony of Welfare Reform Measure

Audio (Radio Actuality)

02/03/06 - Congressman Herger Comments on Report Indicating Unemployment Rate has Fallen to 4-year Low

Audio (Radio Actuality)

02/01/06 - Congressman Herger Reacts to President Bush's State of the Union Address 

Audio (Radio Actuality)

01/20/06 - Congressman Herger and 25 Other California Lawmakers Urge President Bush to Support Governor Schwarzenegger's Flood Disaster Relief Request

01/12/06 - Herger Announces Nominations to United States Service Academies



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