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House of Representatives Page Program

The Constituent Page Program consists of high school students who are hired to serve the U.S. House of Representatives. Currently there are 72 Page positions available in the House of Representatives. A student wishing to become a page must fill out an application, which can be obtained from Congressman Pearce's office.

To be eligible for the Page Program, every applicant must satisfy certain requirements. The Page program is limited to juniors in high school. All applicants must be 16 years of age by the date of their appointment. They must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. They must show proof of citizenship. Every applicant must have the sponsorship of Congressman Pearce. Due to the nature of the job, every applicant must be in good health, have plenty of stamina, and problem free feet.

How to Apply
The application consists of the application form a high school transcript containing grades from ninth grade to the current semester, a parental consent form, a resume of extracurricular activities, 3 letters of recommendation, a 50-100 word essay describing why the applicant would like to become a page, and a letter of support from Congressman Pearce. To receive an application please write to:

The Honorable Steve Pearce
Attention: Page Coordinator
400 North Telshore, Suite E
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Page Program Duties
The duties of a page are very important. The duties of a page primarily consist of delivery of correspondence, legislative material and small packages within the Congressional complex. The semester Pages report to work after classes and continue to 5pm or until the House adjourns for the day.
Students selected as Pages are asked to serve at least one full semester and may be asked to serve two semesters. The academic semesters are fall and spring and require attendance to the House of Representatives Page School. Students attending the fall and spring semesters are required to reside in the House Residence Hall. The summer program starts the around the second week of June and ends at the determination of the legislative work schedule. There are two summer sessions: 1st Session: June 11 - June 30 2nd Session: July 8 - August 3

The House Page School begins at 6:45am with classes in Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language and Computer Technology. To allow each student to gain exposure to government, there is the Washington InSiders Program (WISP), which is mandatory for all Pages to attend.

The dress requirement for males is navy blazer, long sleeved white shirt, dark gray slacks, dark socks, dark shoes, and a standard-issue tie (navy with red and white stripes). For females, a navy blazer, long sleeved white blouse, dark gray skirt or pants, dark shoes, appropriate hosiery and a standard-issue tie (navy with red and white stripes) that is provided during orientation

Compensation and Fees
All Pages are compensated with a monthly salary of $1,344.64. Automatic deductions will be made for federal and states taxes, Social Security, and the Residence Hall fees. Pages are paid on the last working day of the month. There is an initial $100 security deposit for the residency halls. An additional $400 monthly fee is required for the residence hall, which includes five breakfasts, five lunches, and seven dinners per week and is automatically deducted from the Page's salary.

If you wish to be sponsored by Congressman Pearce, please send appropriate information to the following address:

Click here to download the application form.

The Honorable Steve Pearce
Attention: Page Coordinator
400 North Telshore, Suite E
Las Cruces, NM 88011
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