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Social Security

Congressman Hoyer believes that Social Security faces a long-term challenge, not a crisis and believes that Congress and the President need to follow the example set by President Ronald Reagan and Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill who forged a bipartisan solution in 1983 that strengthened Social Security for decades.

Rep. Hoyer wants to preserve Social Security for Future Generations by restoring fiscal discipline to the federal government and ending the practice of borrowing from Social Security for other programs. Democrats want to protect the Social Security Trust Fund and are prepared to work with Republicans to preserve the solvency of the program. But the President must make a good faith effort to work in a bipartisan way. A good first step would be for the President to put forth a plan that does not increase the deficit, harm the middle class, or slash guaranteed benefits. See below for helpful information and to learn more about the work Congressman Hoyer is doing to strengthen and modernize Social Security.

» Find out more information about your benefit and the President's plans to privatize Social Security at our Social Security Clearinghouse

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