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n Congressman David Scott is OPPOSED to illegal immigration.

n Congressman Scott is AGAINST amnesty.

n Congressman Scott is FOR protecting U.S. worker’s jobs.

n Congressman Scott believes that our first priority is SECURING OUR BORDERS and stopping immigrants from breaking our laws and entering this country illegally.

n Congressman Scott supports increasing penalties for employers who recruit and hire illegal immigrants. Employers who hire illegal immigrants must be held accountable for breaking the law.

n Congressman Scott opposes making illegal immigrants in this country guilty of a felony. This is unacceptable, impractical and unenforceable.

n Congressman Scott supports deporting illegal immigrants found guilty of committing criminal acts and gang violence.

n Congressman Scott supports legislation requiring the use of security surveillance on our borders, building an electric fence, and tripling the number of border patrol agents.

n In addition, Congressman Scott supports collaborating with border state governments to deploy the National Guard and other military personnel to assist with border security by using appropriate force and close down our borders.

n Congressman Scott believes that we cannot address what to do about those who are currently living here illegally until we effectively shut down the border and stop illegal immigration cold.

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