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Pearce Announces Candidacy for Vice-Chair of Republican Conference

Washington, D.C., Nov 9 -  

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce (2nd District, New Mexico) announced today that he will be a candidate for Vice-Chair of the Republican Conference. In this capacity, which will be the fourth-ranking position in the House Republican leadership of the 110th Congress, Rep. Pearce would be responsible for helping Republican members shape their message to the American people. The full text of the letter which Rep. Pearce will deliver to his Republican colleagues on Monday follows:

Dear Colleague:

Let's not kid ourselves. Two days ago, we endured a crushing defeat that compels us to look deep within ourselves. As many pundits have commented, the American people did not vote for Democrats, they voted against Republicans. They did not vote against our values or our policies, however. They rejected us - and our message.

Certainly, we confronted a hostile mainstream media. But Republicans always have. We were also fighting against bad news from Iraq and instances of personal misconduct within our Conference. Yet, successful politics is an art that rests upon our ability to anticipate and overcome the events we can't control.

Our defeat did not arise from our failure to respond quickly enough to Democratic attacks. Instead, we talked too much about the wrong things in the wrong way. As a result, the American people stopped listening to us. We must reconnect with them quickly and effectively or risk even heavier losses in two years, which would decimate our ability to impact the direction of our nation.

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for Conference Vice-Chair because I believe I can help our party refocus and refine its message so it resonates once again with the American people. Based upon my experience building a successful business in an extremely competitive industry; my tenure as Minority Republican Caucus Chairman in the New Mexico House of Representatives and as Vice-Chair of the 2nd Congressional District of New Mexico's Republican Party; and my reelection as a conservative in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, I believe I can help our Conference lay the foundation for a new majority.

Traveling thousands of miles through a District that is larger than the state of Pennsylvania, I have earned a reputation for listening to my constituents while articulating a clear agenda of strong family values, accountability, and responsibility. In this Democratic District, I work constantly to convey my strong convictions and unbending principles in a manner that builds consensus across the political spectrum.

The American people believe in limited government, low taxes, a secure border, and safe communities. It's time to resume our conversation with them regarding how we plan to achieve these goals.

The Great Communicator himself, President Ronald Reagan, knew how to go over the heads of the media to reach the hearts of the people. We must reach back to his example as we attack the challenges of the next two years - and I respectfully ask you to allow me to help lead the charge.


                                                                                    STEVAN PEARCE
                                                                                    Member of Congress


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