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The War in Iraq

Yucca Mountain Science Questioned...Scientists Allegedly Falsified Data... Read Excerpts Here

Energy Crisis Continues to Boil

New Press Releases

Gibbons Again Succeeds in Securing Tourism Population as a Factor for Terrorism Preparedness Funding

Defense Authorization Bill Passes the House

Gibbons Hails Nevada’s Personal Income Growth Numbers

House Passes Trio of Border Security Bills

House Passes Bill to Bolster Border Security

The Great Seal of the State of Nevada

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September is-

National Preparedness Month and National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Month

The Economy:

On September 26th, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released its second quarter report for state personal income growth, which showed Nevada to have the highest rate in the nation. Nevada's number one rank can be attributed to lower taxes and the pro-growth policies that continue to stimulate the state's economy.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the primary contributors to Nevada’s second quarter growth were the state’s accommodations and construction industries. Additionally, Nevada’s population is reported to be growing four times faster than that of the entire nation.

To access the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ second quarter report visit:

or for the PDF document click visit:

Gasoline prices continue to drop, and are the lowest they have been since March. The national average per gallon is $2.50 and a recent USA Today article reported that a gas station in Northern Virginia dropped to an impressive $1.99 per gallon. These low prices promote competitive price matching between gas stations, which allows Americans to save more at the pumps. For information on gas mileage tips, state and local prices, national and regional prices, or fuel economy, click here or visit

Border Security Legislation:

This month, House Republicans launched an aggressive plan to address current Border Security needs. Several pieces of legislation are scheduled to be voted on this month, including the Secure Fence Act, The Illegal Immigrant Deterrence and Public Safety Act, the Border Security Enhancement Act, and the Effective Immigration Enforcement and Community Protection Act.

On September 14th, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act. If passed by the Senate this legislation will:
• Provide for over 700 miles of two-layered reinforced fencing along the southwest border with prioritized placement at critical, highly populated areas and requires an evaluation of infrastructure needs along the northern border;
• Mandate that DHS achieve and maintain operational control over the entire border through a “virtual fence” that deploys cameras, ground sensors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and integrated surveillance technology;
• Require DHS to provide all necessary authority to border personnel to disable fleeing vehicles, similar to the authority held by the United States Coast Guard for maritime vessels; and
• Require DHS to assess vulnerabilities on the northern border.

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Congressman Gibbons delivers a public service announcement with John Walters, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, about working to fight the meth problem in Nevada and across the nation.

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Congressman Gibbons delivers a public service announcement encouraging all Nevadans to be grateful for the service of our nation's veterans.

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Congressman Gibbons speaks at Department of Education press conference announcing new flexibility policies for rural schools under No Child Left Behind

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