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Just For Kids

Welcome to the Kids' Page, for Western North Carolina's younger folks. On this page, I have included links to some of our nation's most important documents, like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. You might have studied some of these very documents in school! I have also included some websites that are both fun and educational. I hope you enjoy them!

If you have any suggestions (including favorite websites you'd like for me to consider linking from this page), or if you just want to say hello, feel free to write me. I hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,


Do You Know What Happened on This Date in History?

Documents of our Nation's History

The Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Fun and Educational Links

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Learn how your U.S. Government works, about its history and your civic responsibilities by reading these pages and playing the games on this site.

Kid's in the House: The Official Kid's Page of the U.S. House of Representatives
Learn about the legislative process and its effect on you. Experience the exciting world of government like you never have before.
Visit the White House's official page for kids and learn about president, his responsibilities and the history of the office.

Kid's News
Read news just for kids at the Washington Post Kid's Post Page.

First Gov for Kids
The federal government's portal for fun, educational and safe sites for kids.

CIA's Homepage for Kids
Learn what it takes to be a spy, read about the history of the CIA and try on spy disguises.

National Zoo
Meet the animals that live at our national zoo.

NASA Just for Kids
Learn about our missions to space, new technologies and the history of our space program.

National Children's Museum
Take a tour of the National Children's Museum.

EPA's Explorers' Club
Learn about the environment and what you can do to protect it.

Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian Institution is a great place to learn all about the Smithsonian Musems.

Smithsonian Kids' Castle
The Smithsonian's official site for kids includes games and learning material about the things that kids are interested in.

The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has a wealth of information about important people and events in our nation's history.

The Congressional Award
The Congressional Award is a public partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize achievement, initiative, and service in America's youth. The Congressional Award provides a unique opportunity for young people to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Learn all about the negative health effects of tobacco use.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Kids Page
Learn all about the FBI and the ways that they keep you safe.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Youth Page
Learn all of the various position within the FBI and the roll they play in law enforcement.

Smokey the Bear
Learn about wildfires, the people who fight them and how you can prevent them.

The cool spot
Learn all about the negative health effects of Alcohol Abuse.

FEMA for kids
This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid.