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“ I pledge to continue to fight alongside my Democratic colleagues in Congress to ensure health security for working families, children, seniors, and all Americans. ”

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Access to quality, affordable healthcare is critical to the well being of America, today and in the future. Central to this is addressing the needs of the 45 million uninsured Americans, strengthening the Medicare system through a fair and meaningful prescription drug benefit, and giving patients the clout to challenge the decisions of health insurers. Only through action on these critical issues can we meet the pressing health care concerns of our nation. Learn More  > > >

Affordable Health Care: Fixing the Republican Prescription Drug Bill
The Republican prescription drug bill leaves Americans vulnerable to high drug costs and complex Medicare programs, and prevents beneficiaries from accessing potentially life-saving medication in a timely manner. Democrats will reform the prescription drug program to make drugs affordable and accessible for seniors, while replacing the unnecessarily complex framework of the Republican Medicare bill with an easy-to-understand plan for comprehensive health care coverage. Click here to learn more.

Prescription for Change: Fixing the Republican Prescription Drug Law
The confusion and complexity surrounding the Bush prescription drug program highlights how the law falls short in providing seniors and people with disabilities access to affordable prescription drugs. The Democratic Prescription for Change will make key improvements to the program so that beneficiaries get the simple, affordable, and reliable prescription drug benefit they deserve.

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The President's Budget on Health Care: Failing America's Families
Democrats believe we must pursue new policies that take our country in a different direction. The Bush Administration’s FY 2007 budget fails on that score; it continues with more of the same wrong priorities that have taken our country in the wrong direction. It puts special interests first and the American people last. It is fiscally reckless, adding trillions to the deficit over the next 10 years, and morally irresponsible, slashing funding for key priorities to America’s middle class. Democrats are fighting to restore fiscal responsibility and to bring real solutions to the American people, along with economic prosperity, a strong national defense, affordable health care and energy, and strong public schools.

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November 01, 2006
Pelosi Statement on Families USA Study on Confusing Republican Prescription Drug Plan

October 31, 2006
Pelosi Statement on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 26, 2006
Pelosi Urges Hastert to Bring Drug Negotiation Legislation to House Floor in November

October 23, 2006
Pelosi Statement on National Disability Employment Awareness Month

September 28, 2006
Pelosi: Reauthorization of Ryan White CARE Act Fails to Provide Adequate Funding

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“ Under the Republican's plan, millions of seniors that choose to remain in traditional Medicare would see their premiums rise. In a study of the effects on premiums under the proposed legislation some beneficiaries would pay up to three times as much as others for some Medicare services. This is unconscionable. Equity has always been a fundamental tenet of Medicare. All seniors deserve a fair deal. ”

Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR)

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