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American Samoa

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Washington, D.C.—State Department Agrees to Faleomavaega’s Request to Allow Samoans Applying for U.S. Visas to Be Interviewed in Apia Rather Than New Zealand (11/9/2006)

Congressman Faleomavaega announced today that the U.S. State Department has agreed to his request to allow Samoans applying for U.S. visas to be interviewed in Apia rather than Auckland, New Zealand.  According to the U.S. State Department, a pilot program will be put in place next month wherein an interviewer will be sent from the U.S. Consulate in New Zealand to Apia to conduct interviews for Samoans applying for U.S. visas.  ...more »

Washington, D.C.—Faleomavaega Responds to Unsigned Letter Published by Samoa News Regarding FY 2007 Defense Authorization (10/30/2006)
Congressman Faleomavaega announced today that he is responding to an unsigned Letter to the Editor published by Samoa News on October 30, 2006.  The letter is entitled “Setting the Record Straight” and falsely alleges that Faleomavaega gave credit to the Democrats for HR 5122, the FY 2007 Defense Authorization bill.  ...more »

Washington, D.C.—Faleomavaega Meets With US Department of Transportation Regarding Hawaiian Air (10/25/2006)
Congressman Faleomavaega announced today that on October 3, 2006 he met with top officials from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) including Susan McDermott, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs, and Edward Oppler, Deputy Director of International Aviation, to discuss Hawaiian Air’s ticket pricing and the Governor’s Executive Order.  The meeting was a follow-up to the Congressman’s promise to ask for a federal review of possible price gouging by Hawaiian Air.  ...more »

Washington, D.C.—Faleomavaega Expresses Disappointment in U.S. State Department’s Failure to Consult About American Samoa’s Application for Observer Status at Pacific Forum (10/19/2006)
Congressman Faleomavaega announced today that he is extremely disappointed in the US State Department’s failure to consult about American Samoa’s application for observer status at the Pacific Forum.   ...more »

Washington, D.C.—Faleomavaega Updates Fono About $16 Million for Village Roads and Other Transportation Improvements (10/18/2006)
Congressman Faleomavaega announced today that pursuant to the Fono’s interest about the $16 million Congress set aside for village road and related transportation improvements, he has updated the President and Senators, and the Speaker and Representatives, in a letter dated October 18, 2006 which Faleomavaega also copied to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Director of Public Works.   ...more »