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Hoyer Supports a Common Sense, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Proposal

  • We need immigration and border security policies that respond to our national security needs, are fair to American taxpayers, and reflect our immigrant history. Our immigration policy should be comprehensive so that we protect our borders, give law enforcement the tools that they need, ensure that our businesses have the workers they require, allow families to stay united, and honor the principles of inclusion and freedom that have always been our hallmark.
Republicans Continue to Delay Action on Immigration Reform and
Fail to Secure our Borders

  • In December 2005, the House adopted a Republican enforcement-based proposal that is needlessly harsh (makes criminals out of many individuals who interact with undocumented immigrants), fails to address the complexity of the problem, and is highly impractical (calling for the deportation of over 11 million people). The Senate adopted a more comprehensive approach in May 2006, and although the President has spoken in favor of a comprehensive approach, House Republicans continue to drag their feet and refuse to work-out the differences between the two proposals.

  • For years, Democrats have been highlighting the lack of border security and trying to enhance federal resources targeted at improving border security. And Republicans continuously refuse to provide the funds needed. The 9/11 Commission issued a report card that gave Congress and the White House grades of D or F on the implementation of 17 of the Commission’s recommendations.

  • In the 9/11 Act of 2004, Republicans promised to provide thousands of additional Border Patrol and immigration agents as well as additional detention beds. Republicans have broken this promise. We are currently 800 Border Patrol agents, 500 immigration agents, and 5,000 detention beds short of the promises made in 2004.

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