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U.S. Flag and Missouri State Flag Kit Bond, Sixth Generation Missourian
Academy Nominations
U.S. Military Academy Seal
U.S. Naval Academy Seal
U.S. Air Force Academy Seal
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

"The United States Service Academies offer the perfect opportunity to pursue an excellent education while serving your country. It takes a great deal of commitment, dedication, and leadership to make it at the academies, but the rewards are well worth the hard work. I urge anyone who believes they meet the qualifications to apply for nomination to a service academy." -- Senator Kit Bond

Military service to the United States is an honor. Young men and women who want to help defend our country can apply to the service academies. While there are several ways to join the armed services, the academies offer a uniquely rewarding experience, developing both strong leadership skills and providing an excellent undergraduate education.

Missouri has a tradition of producing outstanding military leaders. Many of these leaders, such as General John J. Pershing and General Omar Bradley, began their military careers at the service academies.

In order to gain admission, the academies require applicants to receive nominations from Members of Congress or other national leaders.

Read about the Park Hill South High School Academy Night in October

Senator Bond is now accepting Academy Nominations for the class entering in 2007.

Senator Bond names Service Academy Nominations for the 2006 class.

There are 17 days left until the application deadline!

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