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Illegal Immigration
There can be no argument that our immigration policy is in desperate need of reform. Illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders, while those who decide to come here legally wait in long lines for years abroad. The government has not enforced our immigration laws, either at our border and ports of entry or inside our nation when employers hire undocumented workers.

There are many proposals currently being discussed in the Senate that attempt to address the problems associated with uncontrolled immigration and seek to secure our borders.

I have heard from many folks around Wyoming who are concerned about illegal immigration. I believe we need to move forward with reforms that address three important points.

First, any immigration legislation passed by Congress should command respect for the law. Second, immigration reform must secure our borders against unauthorized entry. Finally, a comprehensive immigration solution must enforce immigration laws within our country. This includes allowing state and local law enforcement officials to assist in enforcing immigration laws and punishing employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers.

Immigration policy has been failing because we have not committed to enforcing the laws already on the books. The government must work with employers to ensure that foreign individuals applying for work in the United States follow our country’s laws. I will not support a final version of the immigration legislation that contains weak internal enforcement provisions because I believe weak enforcement represents de facto amnesty. Entering the United States without the proper documentation is a crime, regardless of the good intentions that individuals may have.

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