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“ Democratic priorities are clear: we will fight to get the economy back on track, we will create jobs, and we will help unemployed workers. ”

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The Republican Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility has resulted in record budget deficits, driving our country deeper into debt while millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet. Democrats have an economic plan that will bring opportunity and fiscal security to all Americans, not just the wealthy few. Democrats fight for a higher minimum wage and fiscal responsibility in the Congress, and will pursue legislation that will make health care, energy, and education affordable for all Americans. Click here to learn more.

The Republicans' proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Resolution continues a pattern of misguided budget policies. In the face of record deficits and mounting debt, the budget actually makes the deficit worse, not better, and offers no plan to bring the budget back to balance. At the same time, the budget makes harmful cuts to critical services for working families – including health, education, veterans’ services, and environmental protection – and uses these cuts to partly pay for new tax cuts rather than to reduce the deficit. Learn more.

The Republican-controlled House passed a budget resolution with even deeper spending cuts. The proposal includes $45 billion in cuts to Medicaid even as the number of people without health insurance has increased for four years in a row.Republicans claim the cuts are needed to help offset the damage done by Hurricane Katrina. But the GOP budget also includes $70 billion in new tax cuts that will benefit primarily the wealthiest Americans. The Republican plan even increases the deficit by $20 billion. Learn more about this flawed plan.

Hurricanes Katrina has left millions of Americans in trouble and without homes, jobs or healthcare. But despite urging by Democrats to reconsider, Republicans have moved forward with their plans to cut spending through reconciliation, in some cases cutting funding for programs helping those who need assistance the most in the wake of Katrina. Under Republican plans, the $35 billion in savings expected to be generated from the reconciliation spending bill will not, in fact, be used to offset the costs of Hurricane Katrina, but rather will be used to pay for half the cost of the $70 billion in reconciliation tax cuts that are also planned. It is clear that the Republican proposals to cut programs that serve the vulnerable are wrong-headed and reflect misplaced priorities. Learn more.

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“ [The President] said his tax cuts would strengthen our economy. Instead, average Americans must contend with stagnant wages, a persistent jobs deficit, anemic job growth and record budget deficits that will impose costs well into the future. ”

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA)

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