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Representative Elijah E. Cummings, Proudly serving the People of the 7th District of Maryland  

Last updated November 12, 2006

A New Direction for America

Congressional Democrats believe America should work for everyone - not just those at the top - by building opportunity and prosperity for all, and guaranteeing real security at home and around the world. We know that Americans can work together to meet the serious challenges facing our country, create a stronger nation, and build a safer world.

With a firm commitment to honest leadership and tough budget discipline to end record deficit spending, we propose a legislative agenda - A New Direction - that unites rather than divides our country. Beginning with our goal of an America that strives for the common good, these are our legislative priorities in the 109th Congress for a New Direction. Read more

Upcoming Events

7th Congressional District Annual College Scholarship Seminar
Friday, December 8, 2006 -- 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Maryland Institute College of Art (Brown Center, 1301 Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore)

News Headlines

In Honor of Veterans Day, Congressman Cummings Applauds Those Who Have Served Our Nation in Uniform
". . ."Without the valiant service of our military and their families - America would not stand as a beacon of hope, opportunity and freedom around the world. It is shameful that many of our veterans, upon returning home from war, are faced with difficulties during their transition back into our communities.. . . "
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Congressman Cummings Mourns Death of Newsman Ed Bradley
". . . "Ed Bradley was not only an award-winning journalist, but also a role model and a force for positive change around the world. . . "
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Cummings Responds to the Resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
". . . Secretary Rumsfeld gave no clear direction for winning the war or extricating our soldiers from what is increasingly a civil conflict in that nation.  I am hopeful that Robert Gates. . . will approach the burden of this office and of our current conflicts with thoughtfulness and with a willingness to work with our new leadership in Congress to craft a new policy that will accomplish our objectives as quickly as possible. . . "
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October 23, 2006 Newsletter

Congressman Cummings Saddened by Death of Civil Right Leader Enolia P. McMillan
". . .Blessed with more than 102 years on this earth, Mrs. McMillan devoted her life to uplifting others and removing barriers that faced African Americans and women in this country. . . She was a true champion of equal rights for all people. . . "
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Highlights from the October 14th Education Conference:
Presentations by: Dr. Robert Blum | Dr. Arnette Lareau | Dr. Millie Pierce | Dr. Yetty Lockett-Goodin

Preventing Lead Poisoning During and After Pregnancy | Spanish version

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Reducing Infant Death through Safe Sleep Practices

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Energy Assistance Programs & Saving Tips
Steps you can take to conserve energy and obtain assistance in meeting your home energy costs.

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