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Rep. Henry Waxman - 30th District of California

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Rep. Waxman Participates in Online Town Hall Meeting on Israel and the Middle East
Rep. Waxman is deeply concerned about the safety and sec
urity of the state of Israel in these dangerous and volatile times. Rep. Waxman invited constituents to participate in an online Town Hall Meeting by submitting their questions about the situation in the Middle East and the Democratic legislative agenda on the US-Israel relationship. Click here to read the transcript.

Weaknesses in FDA's Food Safety System
(November 1, 2006) Rep. Waxman releases a fact sheet explaining that the growing incidence of contamination in fresh produce is a symptom of weaknesses in the federal food safety system.

Democratic Medicare Drug Reforms Could Save Seniors Billions of Dollars

(October 26, 2006) Democratic members of Congress have proposed reforms of the Medicare drug benefit that could save the average senior almost $500 per year and eliminate the donut hole, without any increased costs to the taxpayer.

Abramoff Ties to White House More Extensive Than Previously Known
Following Mr. Abramoff's guilty plea in January, President Bush and other top White House officials issued repeated statements that Mr. Abramoff was a virtual stranger to the White House. The documents reviewed by the Committee tell a different story.

Bush Cabinet Secretaries Have Frequently Traveled on Private Jets at Taxpayer Expense
(October 25, 2006) Rep. Waxman reveals that Bush agency heads have taken 125 trips to over 300 locations aboard private jets, helicopters, and other aircraft at taxpayer expense and urges OMB Director Rob Portman to impose a moratorium on this luxury travel.

Senior Democrats Reject Superficial Bush Counterterrorism Plan Before Elections
(October 25, 2006) Rep. Waxman joins senior Democratic members of Congress in rejecting President Bush's decision to roll out a superficial counterterrorism plan directly before midterm elections.

Rep. Waxman Introduces Bill to Establish Pathway for Biotech Drugs
Rep. Waxman, along with Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton, has introduced H.R. 6257, the “Access to Life-Saving Medicine Act,” establishing a process through which the FDA will be able to approve lower cost copies of biotech drugs, also known as biologics or biopharmaceuticals.