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photo of Senator VoinovichGeorge V. Voinovich Unted State Senator from Ohio
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Welcome to my online office!

A picture of Senator Voinovich reading to school children

What has been most meaningful to me about the past seven years is that I have been able to make a significant difference on the issues that matter for Ohio and our nation—issues that are critical to improving the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.  

The next five years hold enormous potential for dealing with these challenges, building on our past wins, and adding new ones.  Skyrocketing health care costs, the lack of an energy policy, continued lawsuit abuse, and a lack of enforcement of our trade laws have put our nation, particularly Ohio, at a disadvantage in the global marketplace.  Change in all of these areas is essential to protecting and creating jobs in our state. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving our great state and our great nation.  I am excited about all we are going to get done in the next five years and will continue to ask for your feedback as we chart the course.  Together we can do it!


George V. Voinovich

How the New Medicare Benefit Helps You

A picture of Senator Voinovich talking to two Senior Citizens in the parkFor far too long, seniors have paid too much for prescription drugs. The new Medicare prescription drug plan was designed to lighten this burden, and we now have a good indication that it is working.

I have been holding seminars across the state to help seniors understand how the new plan will help them and have made a brochure and video to help explain it.

Click here for Medicare Brochure

I encourage Ohio seniors to look into the new options available to them and begin taking advantage of them.




Manufacturing, Clean Air, and New Source Review

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