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Texas Border Watch

On November 2, Governor Perry initiated a test program where private citizens can patrol the Texas-Mexico border from their computers. Cameras have been set up along the border that feed directly into the following website. The current site includes 10 cameras, but it will soon be expanded to include 70. The site,, includes a link to e-mail state law enforcement of suspicious activity.


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Terrorist Threat to our Southern Border

Dear District 7 Neighbor:

For over two years I have repeatedly warned about the threat posed by terrorists seeking to enter our country through our porous southern border. FBI Director Robert Mueller confirmed under oath in front of my Appropriations Subcommittee that an unknown number of Islamic individuals from countries with known al Qaeda connections have entered the United States using false Hispanic identities, speaking Spanish and hiding among the growing flood of illegal immigrants.

The Houston Chronicle has ignored and ridiculed my statements. Below is a story printed in the San Antonio Express-News that you will not read in the Chronicle. FBI Director Robert Mueller was in San Antonio last week and publicly confirmed that the FBI had stopped a human smuggling ring organized by Hezbollah to smuggle terrorists into the U.S.

Please be assured that I will continue working vigorously with the Administration and House Leadership to secure out borders and enforce immigration laws. We will never win the War on Terror until we secure our borders.

I am grateful for the privilege of representing you in the United States Congress.

John Culberson

FBI chief applauds S.A. office
October 27, 2006
By Guillermo Contreras
San Antonio Express-News

FBI Director Robert Mueller defended a technique used in domestic surveillance during a visit to San Antonio on Friday and said investigating kidnappings along the Texas-Mexico border is a priority for the bureau.


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