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Federal Web Harvests

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) preserved a one-time snapshot of agency public web sites as they existed on or before January 20, 2001, as an archival record in the National Archives of the United States. NARA also conducted a harvest (i.e., capture) of Federal Agency public web sites in 2004 and of Congressional web sites in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. In January 2005, NARA issued "Guidance on Managing Web Records," which addresses agencies' responsibilities for identifying, managing and scheduling web materials they identify as Federal records. Accordingly, each agency is now responsible, in coordination with NARA, for determining how to manage its web records, including whether to preserve a periodic snapshot of its entire web page.


Accuracy of Harvests

The accuracy of each harvest was affected by these factors:

NARA has made every reasonable effort to ensure that web sites' code and programming were captured accurately. NARA is not responsible for any web sites' compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and requirements. NARA is responsible for providing public access to these copied web sites but is not responsible for maintaining code such as links, accessibility features, search or site maps, or other functionality that may have been true of the sites before they were copied.

Mention of commercial products, services, or resources within this notice does not constitute an endorsement by the National Archives and Records Administration or the United States Government.

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